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When Rajinikanth was mistaken for a beggar

Tales of Superstar Rajinikanth’s simplicity are legendary. Given his stature, it is worth talking about it. While his spiritual trip to the Himalayas is a known fact, here is something most didn’t know about.

It is said that once when Rajinikanth was inside a temple in his usual simple dress, he sat down near a pillar for sometime. A lady in her 40’s, who didn’t know about Rajinikanth, crossed the star actor. Looking at him, she mistook the star for a beggar and offered him 10 rupees to him.

A young lady, recalling this incident, said she would have shouted at the person had she been offered money in this manner, but the great man that Rajini is, he kept quiet and took the money offered with a smile. While Rajinikanth was leaving the temple, he headed toward his car and the lady who had offered him money noticed this and ran towards him. The lady apologized to the actor and said she committed this mistake taking him to be a beggar.

The superstar simply responded by saying that it is indeed God’s way of reminding him every now and then where his place really is and that he isn’t a superstar.Only Rajinikanth can speak with such humility.


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