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Why Aamir, Shahrukh and Salman should turn politicians!

Apart from sharing a surname, another thing the three khans have in common (Salman, Shahrukh and Aamir) is their disinterest in joining politics. They may have not played politicians on the silver screen, but here’s why we would want them to play them in real life.

Aamir Khan– Nicknamed ‘Mr. Perfectionist’, Aamir Khan is known to be particular about even the tiniest details. The actor is also said to give his inputs in every production. So if Aamir Khan becomes a politician, he will see to it that things are done to the tee and there is no room for excuses. Aamir’s also known to support social causes and when he made his TV debut with the show ‘Satyamev Jayate’, little did he know that he was changing things in India. So popular did the show become that episodes on female infanticide, pesticides and child sexual abuse created an uproar with several government bodies supporting Aamir Khan. Changes were made and in the instance of female infanticide, fertility clinics came under the scanner for conducting sex determination tests. If Aamir could bring about so much change without being a politician, imagine what he can do by being one.

Shahrukh Khan– The badshah of Bollywood, who started from scratch, is ruling the industry today. His charisma, charm and persona has enthralled fans across the globe and SRK is a people’s person. He’s a good orator, works round the clock and is intelligent and well read. If SRK ever became a politician, he would make everybody around him work so hard that no citizen will ever complaint and no task will remain pending. With his popularity, SRK can get any job done and although the actor may not always be ‘politically correct’ unlike his contemporary Aamir Khan, Shahrukh knows when to stand up for his rights. And as a politician, he might be in a position to empower the nation.

Salman Khan– Never mind the fact that Salman Khan is embroiled in controversies or that his court cases are going on. Salman has a magnanimous heart and his unspoken gestures of kindness are known to all. Supporting causes and running his own charity ‘Being Human’, Salman will surely be able to help the common man. Besides, Sallu enjoys a lot of goodwill and this will ensure that he remains in the public’s good books. The Dabangg star is known to have an effect on people who seem to be scared of his temperament. This will ensure that all law enforcers listen to him and all law breakers mend their ways before Salman ruins it for them. He’s also non forgiving so if any government body or official does not do his job, then citizens can be rest assured that they have nothing to fear when Salman’s there.

Can you think of other Bollywood actors who would be befitting politicians? Let us know by commenting below!

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