A weak story line and a sacharine sweet Sallu make this a boring watch – 2.5/5.0

By: Smitha

Jai Ho is Sallu’s weakest film to date and as one of his die hard fans it really pains me to say this. A Sallu with a heart of gold, always ready to take on the bad guys is someone we are well acquainted with. The person we have never met is this saccharine sweet Sallu who passes on his message of paying it forward in the best manner of a girl delivering a poem on Kindness at a school elocution competition.

The message is good. If someone helps you, don’t thank them but help three other people who help three others and so on to form a chain reaction of good acts. But the message is lost on the audience who is used to having him deliver such messages in his own crazy style. So if he had said something like “Ek ka teen” the public would have gone out and helped little old ladies who don’t want to cross, across a busy road. Instead he puts on a sick smile, glints a tear and says it and the audience just laughs nervously unsure what to do with this strange person in the room.

There is no central story line unfortunately. Just a bunch of incidents and events strung together randomly for the 3 good deeds act to get drummed into you. In the second half all these people who helped and were helped come to save him. Maybe would have worked well as a 13 episode TV serial but as a movie it becomes a loose string of rattling beads.

And there is plenty of rattling going on with people getting smashed up all the time and a final shirtless blow out for fans. But the fights are preferable to the non romance which is so tepid as to not exist, surviving on some very boring songs.

There are lots of people populating the screen from Suniel Shetty to Danny to Tabu to the new heroine who dances well but that’s about it. The only bright spark is the kid who plays his nephew who has some entertaining lines.

I wish the movie had been more fun, I wish Sallu had done his usual tricks, I wish I had not yawned so much. But I guess all idols sometimes have to show weaknesses. Sigh.. See only if you are a true fan. Can take kids if you are ok with them watching the bashing up.


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