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After Modi, Salman Khan to approach many more chief ministers for Jai Ho

Salman Khan can always be counted upon to surprise. The actor apparently has tweaked the way he wants to promote his upcoming movie Jai Ho that will release on January 24.

The actor who was last seen in Gujarat promoting his movie with none other than chief minister Narendra Modi himself plans on doing that with others states as well.

A source close to Salman revealed to a leading English daily that Salman will be meeting CMs of every state to promote Jai Ho.

“The film has a message of helping people in need. If it is tax-free, this message can reach the masses. The ticket prices will be lower than usual, which will encourage more people to watch the film. Salman will reach out to the CMs of every state he visits for the film’s promotional activities to request the tax break,” reported the daily.

Apparently, Salman wants to make his movie tax-free so that more people can watch it.


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