An absolute must for Salman Khan loyalists! – 2.5/5.0

By: Somesh Sinha

Verdict – The movie flaunts Salman’s ‘Being Human’ demeanour and less about a movie. Dedicated cinephiles stay away, explicitly!
JAI HO is a remake of Telugu film “Stalin” (2006) starring Chiranjeevi, which itself was inspired from an American drama film “Pay It Forward” (2000), based on the novel of the same name by Catherine Ryan Hyde.

JAI HO is a political thriller, based on the life of how an ‘Aam Aadmi’ gets crushed by trivial politicians and a common man’s victorious effort to thwart an assassination bid against a Chief Minister. It is the story of an honest ex-army officer Jai Agnihotri, who creates a nation-wide movement by convincing people to do a good deed for three people who must in turn each do good deeds for three other people, thus forming an ever growing circle of people helping each other. This circle of humanitarian benevolence doesn’t gel with local politician (Danny Dezongpa) who in order to break the mainstay of the movement, targets Jai’s mother (Nadira Babbar) and sister Geeta (Tabu). Geeta convinces Jai to compromise with the politician. But when this leads to humiliation being heaped on him, Jai loses his cool and takes fight to his enemies with his movement following him. The public, who have previously been quiescent, is gathering force, whom Jai has helped in the past and ultimately has a voice which cannot be silenced. Because Jai Ho is the resounding sound of victory…Jai Ho is the warrior cry of someone determined to win at all cost.

‘Aam Aadmi’ being the flavour of the season, the concept (A R Murugadoss) is noble, thought provoking, contemporaneous and doesn’t ridicule the sentiments. The umpteen hard-hitting dialogues (Dilip Shukla) against corruption & corrupt netas, the tale of revenge and the reecho of eulogising the common man, merits prodigious applause and attention from each and every strata of the society. The message circulating throughout the movie will move the audiences consummately. Santosh Thundiyil’s cinematography is awe-inspiring. The production design and art by Sabu Cyril are top-notch. Ashley Rebello and Alvira Khan Agnihotri’s synchronous costumes are trendy. The choreographers Remo D’Souza, Radhika Rao, Vinay Sapru, Shaikh Jani Basha and Mudassar Khan have done their job worthily. Since we have Dabangg Khan in the lead role, the *elaborated* action scenes [Anal Arasu, Ravi Varma & Dave Judge (foreign stunt coordinator)] are bone crunching, face smashing, gravity-defying and worth rounds of cheers & whistles. They are aptly choreographed/shot and are used to an adequate degree, without making the movie overburdened. The chase sequences too, are adrenaline pumping.

On the flip side, the screenplay (Dilip Shukla) follows the same old formula of a Salman starrer. Dialogues-Song-Action-Dialogue-Song-Action….and no real genuineness as the movie never shifts focus from Salman Khan. Clocking in at nearly 2 hours 25 minutes, the movie’s editing (Ashish Amrute) is sluggish. The music (Sajid-Wajid) too has its ups and downs. “Baaki Sab First Class Hai” (singer: Wajid; Lyricist: Sajid, Irfan Kamal and Danish Sabri), “Tere Naina” (singer: Shreya Ghoshal and Shaan; Lyricist: Sameer Anjaan) and “Jai Ho” (singer:Armaan Malik, Brijesh Shandilya, Amal Malik , Wajid Ali; Lyricist: Shabbir Ahmed; Music: Amal Malik) are picks of the lot. “Photocopy” (singer: Himesh Reshammiya, Keerthi Sagathia and Palak Muchhal; Lyricist: Kausar Munir), “Tumko To Aana Hi Tha” (singer: Armaan Malik, Marianne D’Cruz’s and Altamash Faridi; Lyricist: Shabbir Ahmed; Music: Amal Malik), “Love You Till The End” (singer/lyricist: Armaan Malik; Music: Amal Malik) and “Naacho Re” (singer: Ujjaiyinee; Lyricist/Music: Devi Sri Prasad) are complete let-down. The predominant background score by Sandeep Shirodkar is strictly okay, reverbrating Jai ho Jai ho at every single juncture.

No one but Salman Khan can pull of such austere action with elan, evidently. While his strut, simplicity and generosity are beguiling, his aggression is defying. Though he follows the same trend like the last few movies that have been action-packed with the same concept of a one-man army fighting everyone, it’s nearly implausible to take eyes off from him. A virtuoso performance, after a long….long time! The debutante Daisy Shah is befitting in her limited role with much earnestness. Mukul Dev alongwith Danny Denzongpa, enact their roles of corrupt, dispiteous politicians with aplomb in creating terror. Their body language emit devilry. It’s a treat to watch the supremely proficient/versatile Tabu after a hiatus. Salman & Tabu’s acting are neck and neck. Her monster little son (master Naman Jain) is entertaining consummately. Santosh Shukla is in supreme command, teetotally.

Mukesh Chhabra has pulled off a casting coup of sorts. From Monish Behl, Suniel Shetty, Mahesh Manjrekar, Ashmit Patel, Yash Tonk, Sana Khan, Tulip Joshi, Vikas Bhalla, Aditya Pancholi, Sharad Kapoor, Mahesh Thakur, Resham Tipnis, Haroon Qazi, Varun Badola, Vatsal Sheth, Nauheed Cyrusi, Bruna Abdulla to Genelia Deshmukh and Sudesh Lehri, are those closest pals of Salman Khan who’ve either performed their Bollywood stint or whose career never took off indeed, giving them each a part that proves Salman’s colossal munificence. They are competent.

To sum up, JAI HO will scale dizzy heights, specifically due to its action and a genuine strong message, which relates very well with the present scenario. Alike every single bland Salman starrer, this movie too doesn’t merit a review because Sohail Khan solely relies on the messiah of box-office and Salman competently shoulders the responsibility. The movie flaunts Salman’s ‘Being Human’ demeanour and less about a movie. Take the message/action out of it and the result will be exasperating. An absolute must for Salman Khan loyalists, who will hoot and applaud to the fullest! Dedicated cinephiles stay away, explicitly!


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