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Anupam Kher-Irrfan Khan Verbal War

Anupam Kher and Irrfan Khan got into a verbal duel on Tuesday evening at a suburban 5-star hotel, during a discussion at the curtain raiser of an award function . Both actors were nominated for their performances in recent films Lunchbox and Special Chabbis. The issue began when Anupam was asked to make a comment on the nominations .

In fact, Anupam Kher was just trying to play it safe and said, “I would only like to talk about myself, so its only going to be about Special Chabbis.” But it is true that anything can go wrong when your time is bad ! Irrfan took this as an insult and the Slumdog Millionaire actor shot back saying, “Cinema is not about applauding only one’s own self. I disagree with Anupam’s viewpoint. We need to praise others too.”

This enraged Anupam and his ego is hurt as he is much senior to Irfan and replied in negative, “This is totally out of context. I teach students when to applaud and who to applaud. I have a high regard for those who are nominated in any award function.” When Anupam said that he has high regards for those who are nominated in any award function, he was trying to clarify that he doesn’t have a problem with Irrfan and instead have high regards for the actor in him. The issue got settled after both actors had a chat later and hugged each other !

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