Clicked: Salman teaches Sunny Leone how to drape a saree

Bollywood’s most eligible bachelor Salman Khan and the hottest import Sunny Leone were a riot on the stage at the Star Guild Awards that Sallu recently hosted.

Sunny Leone, who appeared in the Salman Khan-hosted ‘Bigg Boss 5’ before she hopped on the Bollywood bangwagon, looked swish in a stylish gown, but Salman had other plans on her. In an act that looked very impromptu despite being probably rehearsed, Salman taught Sunny Leone how to drape a saree.

The 48-year-old superstar guided the former Indo-Canadian pornstar on the saree’s pleats, on the drape, and even on how the pallu goes over the shoulder, according to onlookers at the Star Guild Awards.

Sunny Leone was sporty in taking the tips and did drape the saree over her gown.

All in all, the skit was fun and another reason for us to look forward to Star Guild Awards after that historic hug between Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan on the stage.

Salman teaches Sunny Leone how to drape a saree

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