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Deepika Padukone spends birthday with beau Ranveer Singh in New York City

Deepika Padukone rang in her 28th birthday with beau Ranveer Singh in New York City.

An onlooker saw the couple at Chelsea Market and tweeted this,”Ranveer Singh is such a sweet heart. Deepika got mad cuz people were surrounding her too much lol” .

Deepika prefered to not be photographed.

What’s interesting is that way back in August 2013, in an interview with Times of India, when asked where Ranveer would take his girlfriend for an impromptu date. He replied saying, “To New York for a holiday and I think we will not run out of things to do together… things to watch, places to visit, places to eat. There is lots that New York has to offer. I have never done it, but I intend to, the next time I want to whisk someone away.”

Looks like the puzzle just fell into place! 😉


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