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Excited fans with a unique way showed their honour towards Salman in Jodhpur

It seems like the fans of Salman Dabang Khan have taken the common man dialogue from his film Jai Ho very religiously. Excited fans have come up with a unique way to show their honour towards Salman in Jodhpur.

Television actor Karanvir Bohra, who is closely associated with the Khan family and is currently in Jodhpur, says, “Here in Jodhpur, ‘Jai Ho!’ is in the atmosphere. The cinema halls are over flooding and the interesting part is that fans have put flower garlands on every poster of ‘Jai Ho!’.”

“It is amazing to see the enthusiasm over here in Jodhpur,” adds Karanvir.

Karanvir himself being a crazy fan of Salman further adds, “I am in love with Salman Khan because of his attitude. No matter how big he grows in his life, he is what he was even earlier.”

Karanvir is in Jodhpur to celebrate his wife Teejay Siddhu’s birthday.


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