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Govinda Said No to Salman Khan

Salman Khan was gearing up to produce another film, based on Mahesh Manjrekar’s Marathi film, Shikshanachya Aaicha Gho (SAG). Salman wanted Govinda to play a supporting character in the movie but Govinda, now, refused his friend Salman’s offer just because he didn’t like the script. Salman earlier revealed that he wanted the humorous Govinda in his film but the veteran actor turned down his promising offer. Stubborn Govinda says that he denied the offer even before four years when it came to him and also told Salman that he didnt’ like the script.

Govinda, in an attempt to be the part of the film, told Salman to tweak the script in a way that suits him. But it seems like the writers couldn’t change the story according to his preferances. Govinda further explained, “I had said no to the offer four years ago. I had told Salman about it (not liking the script). So he said that he would get the script altered and have it sent again to me. And the script did come back to me, but I didn’t find anything changed. Maybe the writers couldn’t change anything.”

Govind might have felt a little disillussioned with this experienced and he decided to not to do the film with Salman with whom he starred in hit film of 2007 Partner. “I informed Salman about the same and then he just asked me to take whatever decision I deemed fit. That’s it,” Govinda added. Salman actually had offered the lead role of the film to Govinda but as he refused the offer now, Paresh Rawal is roped in for the role.

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