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I FAILED AS A FATHER says Mahesh Bhatt on Alia Bhatt’s participation in Saifai

Despite sharp criticism, Bollywood stars are justifying their participation in the Uttar Pradesh government’s cultural event in Saifai village. For young actress Alia Bhatt, her father Mahesh Bhatt has taken charge. Last night, he appeared on a TV show and defended his daughter, saying, “I think it’s my failure than her failure.” The director added, “I didn’t warn my daughter about going to Etawah. Being a very well aware father, I should have told her to not go. Since the Chief Minister of UP sent out the invitation, it was not possible for her to back out. I got to know about the performance only at the last moment.”

While media reports have indicated that Salman Khan has charged somewhere between Rs. 2-5 crores for his performance at the Saifai carnival, exactly how much has Alia Bhatt been paid for her dance moves is still unknown.


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