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I had issues with Shah Rukh but now it’s all sorted out.: Salman Khan

One of the most influential ‘Khans’ of Bollywood, Salman Khan, yet again came to Aap Ki Adalat and had an interesting rendezvous with the host Rajat Sharma and the audience. The honoured sarod player, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan was made to hear all the proceedings and declare the verdict as the judge of the show.

Salman Khan arrived with younger brother and the director of Jai Ho, Sohail Khan. Along with the promotion of the film, there was a lot that Salman revealed on the show. The truth behind a lot of Salman Khan’s controversies got unveiled by the man himself.

Here follows a few excerpts from the show:

What is it in ‘Jai Ho’ that even Shah Rukh seems promoting it?
There was much love between us, it got deeper with time but now it has got reduced a bit. And I gave him a chance. I thought since Aamir and I are promoting Jai Ho, the media would be writing about us. And he should not be left behind. So, I asked him too to promote the film.

You seemed doing campaigning for ‘Congress’ most of the time. Even Rahul Gandhi had a visit to your place once. Then why were you seen flying kites with Narendra Modi?
I have many friends in Congress. Narendra is the head of Gujarat and I went there to promote my film. All the authorities of making my film a tax-free one are in the hands of Narendra Modi. Moreover, the whole Gujarat experience was very nice. I think I am the first star who has included a politician in a film’s promotion. I went to UP too to promote my film.

You faced a lot of criticism on your performance at SAIFAI event.
I performed there for the 2 lakh audience and not for a few high officials like Akhilesh Yadav. I am an entertainer; I’ll sing and dance to entertain.

And the whole SAIFAI controversy is media created. Everything happened out of plain TRP game. Cutting my video and showing it along with a few poverty stricken or unhealthy people would make anyone feel that Salman is insensitive. There are slums and poverty in Mumbai too where I do shows.

You are now taken as an ‘all party men’?
I have friends from each political party. And I support the person not the party. I am from ‘Being Human’ party.

If this is the case, why haven’t you yet visited AAP? There have been speculations that Jai Ho is about AAP somewhere?
I haven’t got any chance to. And Jai Ho has nothing to do with AAP. I think it’s just that one dialogue, ‘Aam Aadmi sota hua sher hai…..’ due to which people are taking the film’s association with AAP.

There was a news that Salman will launch six new faces in Bollywood in 2014. Is it true?
One is Sooraj Pancholi, Katrina’s sister Isabel, Sana Khan, Sunil Shetty’s daughter, Santosh Shukla and Elli. Even I’ve got ‘break’ by somebody. And someone has to be there for future generation.

There was this statement of yours some time back that only Ranbir and Imran can replace us in Bollywood.

I believe all these boys are extremely talented but now I feel that only ‘we’ can replace us.

You were spotted having a spat with Ranbir Kapoor?
I was just guiding him through the way. Both I and Sanju (Sanjay Dutt) were there and then we thought that something is wrong with Ranbir’s cuffs as the brand label was visible. That time I didn’t know that he is Chintu ji (Rishi Kapoor) son. And I don’t know how did this all come into press.

According to a statement given by your father, he said that you never forget your ex?
That’s because I never had that ugly break-up with any of my girl friends. So, even today if we don’t meet or we have chosen to stay away, that’s because we don’t want our past to hamper our future lives.

Otherwise it’s all calm.

You hugged Abhishek, Shah Rukh but not Vivek at the recent awards that you hosted?
I never had any problem with Abhishek. It was all virtually created. I had issues with Shah Rukh but now it’s all sorted out. But, if there’s a person whom I genuinely not like talking to is Vivek.

I would want him to stick to his place and not enter in my vicinity or space. And I gave no reaction when he publicly apologized because I don’t want people to say that I behaved rough and rude with him. I do not share a comfortable level with him.

Because of the kind of stardom you enjoy today in Bollywood and the level of entertainment you have given to the audience, you are taken as ‘Rajinikanth of Bollywood’?
I take it as a compliment, Rajinikanth is an amazing man. He has got a great fan following but I just want to be Salman Khan. I am happy being Salman only.

You said are a ‘virgin’ on a reality show.
There are times when you say things because you do not want to face the future outcomes of that. I said because I didn’t want people to visualize me when I say that I am ‘not’.

You never portray yourself as a ‘good man’. It’s always your ‘bad boy image’ highlighted by you. Do you find this ‘bad boy’ image of yours more interesting?
It’s all media’s creation and not mine. They feel that people won’t read or see if they’ll tell that I am a good person. They want my fans to pray for me. Media makes my character 10 times more interesting than I can ever be. That entire media has written about me, if I would become even 25% of that….I would be cooler.

There are two things about Salman Khan….drinking and girlfriends.
I do not drink that much. I have had times when I’ve drunk with my father. That’s a separate father-son bond that everyone has. And I’ve got a very poor ratio of girlfriends. I’ve only had 5 girlfriends and I am 48.

Why are you not so keen in taking awards?
I do not feel that I am at that stature that someone calls me to take some award. I do not deserve that much of honour I feel. And the only award I want is ‘people’s love’. I would happily receive an award if I’ll get it from my fans.

About ‘hit and run’ case
I cannot say anything in my defense but when the truth is unveiled, people will get to see the total newer side of the issue. They’ll wonder that Ok, this was the reality! And I’ve never taken any help from any politician or any support in proving that I am not guilty or any such association in my defense.

Why are you called ‘God father’ in the industry? Katrina said, that whatever she was, she was all because of you?
“Katrina never lies”. She always says ‘thank you’ and will always say it.

‘Thank You’ to you but beach vacation with someone else?
I do not believe that was Katrina in those pictures. Ranbir could be there but that girl didn’t look like Katrina. Moreover, if someone has gone to some place to have some privacy, one shouldn’t hamper their private lives. Clicking pictures in someone’s personal space is disgusting.

We are continuously hearing a name ‘Elli’?
Elli is a very sweet girl. She is an extremely talented girl. She is more Indian than our Indian girls. And it takes a lot of courage and patience to stay in that house (Bigg Boss House), win the audience’s heart and easily gel with the fellow mates despite of being a foreigner. And Elli did it. She is a pure soul. I found a ‘connect’ with her.

Were you biased on Bigg Boss 7? Or did you favoured Tanisha over Gauhar?
No, I wasn’t biased. Gauhar used to have her own point of views everytime I used to say something. While Tanisha and Armaan played it very smartly. Whenever I used to say something to them, they used to easily accept it and say ‘sorry Salman sir, I won’t repeat’ or ‘yes we accept it, we regret it’. So the issue used to get over.

But, with Gauhar, the issue used to go on and on. And I had known Gauhar from before, not Tanisha. So, how can I be biased towards Tanisha? I wasn’t.

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