One day I may have answers: Hrithik Roshan

A month since the announcement of his separation from wife Sussanne Khan, Hrithik Roshan was in the mood to bare his soul, as he unveiled his new brand HRX on a Google Plus Hangout in Mumbai.

So how was the actor feeling ?
“I am good,” came the answer.

Well, maybe not on top of the world but getting there, as he delved into the philosophy of his brand HRX, saying the X factor was the lengths to which he could go to empower himself and people around him.

The actor said that a lot had happened in his life lately – injuries, emotional upheaval.

“I take full responsibility about whatever is happening in my life, instead of blaming people and circumstances. I have had to realize it’s about me. Yes, there are times when the possibility of a good future seems impossible, but I realize one has to get I with it!

Empower yourself. Coax your mind into believing you can! Give it your best shot. Today my weakness has become my biggest strength. When I connect the dots, it all makes sense. No one gives a shit about what’s happening in your life. You have to overcome the challenges of the past what if something monstrous lies ahead I have to keep moving forward and that’s what my brand is about, living the best life you can. You owe it to yourself,” Hrithik said.

When asked about how the past year’s injuries and his divorce happened together and how he was holding up, Hrithik’s response was from the heart.

“What choice do I have? What choice does anyone have in their lives? You can not choose your problems. When somebody else goes through a problem in their lives, there could be upheavals, it could even be a tragedy. When you look at it and try and put yourself in that person’s place, you probably will have some kind of objectivity and you can say ‘I can do this and I can do that’ but you can’t choose your own problems and when it’s your own problems and insurmountable challenges as they sometimes seem to be, when they bog you down, you lose objectivity, you lose clarity, you don’t really know which way to go. The only thing you have in your hands is, I would say, the ability to keep standing strong, your ability to keep moving forward.

I have lost sense of objectivity. But the worst you can do is blame yourself with the dreaded ‘why me?’ Never do that. Face the challenge,” was the actor’s response.

Saying he had a fabulous birthday with his sons on a yacht, the man who the Khans also fear as competition said, “I love competition. Yes, there are times when I don’t want to surface from bed but I tell the Almighty ‘Ok, bring it on. What do you want me to face today, what challenge is coming my way?'”

With his back on the mend, the actor said he was looking forward to the tough action scenes in Bang Bang and in life as well too.

Well, all we can say to this superhero is may the force be with you.


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