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Salman Khan Mocks Shahrukh Khan’s Timing Of Injury

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan recently sorted out their differences at an award show by hugging each other. The superstars now don’t mind talking about their friendship in public.

Shah Rukh Khan got injured recently while shooting for Happy New Year at a five star hotel in Mumbai. Shocked by the news, Bollywood celebrities took no time in showering their concern for Srk on the social networking websites.

Surprisingly, Sallu miyan mocked Shah Rukh Khan over his injury. When asked about SRK’s injury, Salman first tried to avoid the question and later when probed, he came with some very witty answers, “Maine suna hai. Kya Shah Ruh ko Jai Ho ke ek din pehle hi injured hona tha, Koi chot se unki yaddasht nahi gayi hai ya fir koi jaan lewa humla nahi hua hai, zyada se zyada unko ek timbu aaya hoga (I have heard he is injured. Why did Shah Rukh got injured just before the release of Jai Ho? Neither has he lost any memory post the injury nor he was attacked by anyone. However, he must have got a scar on his head).”

Later the actor controlled himself and said, “Seriously, I heard about his injury and found he was ok and I am happy he is fine.” Well! All we can say to Salman is that Shah Rukh is your best friend after all and you can mock him whenever you want to.

Hope SRK will hold no offence over Salman Khan’s witty reaction on his injury.

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