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Salman might soon be replaced by Ranbir as Bigg Boss host

If stealing his alleged girlfriend was not enough, Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor might soon steal Salman Khan’s place as the host of popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss’. If reports are to be believed, Salman might soon be replaced by Ranbir as the host of the show, which has one of the highest TRP ratings in the non-fiction segment.

A Zee News report says that since Salman will be busy with his new show based on social causes, he may not have dates for Bigg Boss. Moreover the superstar has displayed his disinterest to host the show a couple of times, and has also faced flak for being too harsh or partial while hosting the show. Salman was particularly furious when the producers brought Kushal Tandon back despite Salman’s displeasure.

If Ranbir accepts this proposal, this will not only be his first stint in TV but it will make him the first actor from his contemporaries to sizzle on the idiot box. Hosting Bigg Boss will give him an edge over his competititors and make him more popular among masses.

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