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Sanjay Dutt’s wife Manyata rushed to hospital

On Tuesday morning, Sanjay Dutt rushed wife Manyata to a multi-speciality hospital in Parel after she collapsed at home. The doctor immediately suggested that she be admitted, as her condition appeared serious.

Dr Ajay Chaughule, who is handling Manyata’s case, confirmed the news, “Yes, Manyata was brought in a state of near emergency. But we need to run several tests before we can establish the cause. As things stand right now, she will have to remain in hospital.”

When asked if it’s the tumour in the liver, which lead to the emergency admission, he said, “Right now, I’m not in a position to comment on this.” In a previous interview with the paper, the doctor had said, “Manyata has a 6 cm tumour in her liver and that’s definitely not small. Only further tests can say if the tumour is cancerous. If it is not cancerous she may need to undergo a surgery, maybe after 15 years. ”

A source close to the actor however stated that the reason is not the tumour. Manyata was running a temperature since a fortnight and the antibiotics didn’t help. “Yesterday her condition worsened. We are told that her left lung had filled with fluid and that was the reason she collapsed,” said the source.

The source added, “Sanjay has not left Manyata’s side. And as this is a critical time for the family, he has requested some privacy. ”

When probed about her present medical condition, Chaughule refused to reveal details but ruled out the possibility of discharging Manyata any time soon.


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