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Shahid Kapoor turns producer with Vishal Bharadwaj’s Haider

It’s the season of actors turning producers and Shahid Kapoor is the latest entrant to the league now. He’s turning producer with Vishal Bharadwaj’s upcoming movie Haider.

In fact, Shahid, Vishal Bharadwaj and UTV are equal partners in Haider with 33.33 per cent share each. Everyone involved in the project has taken a nominal fee and the rest depends on the profit the film will make at the box-office.

According to a source, “There have been rumours that Shahid has not taken fee for the project, but that’s not true. Shahid is turning producer with Haider and has taken a nominal fee. It only shows everyone’s trust and belief in the project. Everyone is investing equally in the project.”

The total budget of the film is apparently Rs 37 crore, of which Rs 22 crore is for production and Rs 15 crore for publicity.

A source from the industry informed that Shahid Kapoor would not be taking the credit as a producer though.

“Shahid is an actor and it’s just that he decided to turn a producer because he has immense faith in the project. There’s no ambition involved here.”

The major portion of the film will be shot in Kashmir. The first schedule is already over and now the second stint will be in January end in Kashmir again.

The actor and the production house remained unavailable for comment.


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