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I have found a dear friend in Shah Rukh Khan: Rohit Shetty

Director Rohit Shetty is known for his power packed action films. But he says, “It is not necessary to label cars blowing up as stunts only. A common man often ignores or underestimates the will power he possesses. I think getting in and out of a 9 am local train in Mumbai is a stunt in itself too.’ Here’s chatting up with him.

Debut as host
I have done television before but this time its different as I will be hosting for the first time. Initially, I was apprehensive about doing it since actors like Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra had hosted the earlier seasons while I am just a director, I didn’t want to look like a misfit. But the different and entertaining format made me feel that I could do justice to it.

Besides hosting, I am also designing the stunts and safety measures for the show. I am enjoying it thoroughly, it’s a new adventure. The thrill factor is that in films there are retakes but this reality show has none. Also don’t forget that all the contestants are not stunt artistes (smiles).

No place for negativity
I am being asked about the TRP factor of the show. But I am not thinking about it at the moment. Whether I make a film or a television show, I never think negative. My energy is always focused on doing good things and giving it my best.
I really don’t know what failure is as I leave it to God and the audience to decide the fate of my ongoing project. I always tell my team to do good work and not think about the results as we cannot control it. But one’s honesty should be intact at all times.

Trying a different genre
I don’t mind making films without action. But the problem is people will not come to the theatres to see such a film. They will even question as to why I did it. In short, by doing such films, I am trying to fulfill my audiences dream.

Safety at home
The problem with my seven-year-old son is that action is in his DNA (laughs). He does somersaults and I can’t do anything about it. I don’t want to stop him by instilling fear in him but I try to tell him that this is not his age to do it and he needs to get proper training for it.

Personal fears
My fears are on the emotional level. I fear losing a loved one. I get worried if my son comes late from school. Apart from that, there may be other fears which I haven’t discovered yet but I will in course of time.

Success with SRK
People feel that success has changed my equations with stars. But that’s not true at all. I feel that I have remained the same. After Chennai Express’ success, what has changed is that I have found a dear friend in Shah Rukh Khan.


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