Movie Review: Heartless (2014)

Box Office: Disaster

HEARTLESS narrates the story of Aditya aka Addy [Adhyayan Suman], who lives with his dominating, but caring mother Gayatri [Deepti Naval]. While on a business trip to Dubai, Addy falls in love with Riya [Ariana Ayam], who works at the plush hotel he resides in.

Addy suffers from a life-threatening heart disease and needs to have a heart transplant. When Gayatri is told that they have found a donor, she insists that the best heart surgeon, Dr Trehan [Om Puri], who also has a soft corner for Gayatri, operate Addy, but Addy is adamant that his friend Sam [Shekhar Suman], also a heart surgeon, should perform the surgery. Gayatri eventually relents and the operation commences.

Addy, who is not fully under anesthesia, can hear the conversations as his chest is sliced open. A startling truth and a chain of unanticipated occurrences come to the fore at this point…

What happens when a patient has not been given the required dosage of anesthesia on the operation table? What happens when he gets to know of the conspiracy hatched by people close to him? What happens when he’s unable to cry out for help? The terrifying drama unfolds inside an operation theatre as the protagonist goes under the knife.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
3.5 “Though the twists in the tale rest largely on a dry medical fact, the film becomes a thrilling roller-coaster ride with terrific punches..”
Average Reviews
2.5 ” HEARTLESS is made with a lot of heart, but appears partly engaging.”
Negative Reviews
1.5 ” If you want to watch a great film that Shekhar Suman was attempting on , watch Awake but definitely stay miles away from this convoluted, terrible affair.”
1.0 “Despite being well shot and fairly well edited, this film has nothing of value to offer. “
0.5 “It is ostensibly made to alert viewers to an anesthesia glitch which propels patients into a state of awareness.”


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