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Ranbir Kapoor to sell vada pav for a television show

Ranbir Kapoor will be selling vada pav outside a city college as part of the television show ‘Mission Sapne’.

A source says, “Ranbir was approached to be a part of the show and when he heard that the proceeds would go towards the treatment of 10-year-old Sunita Ingle who is battling blood cancer, he immediately agreed.

Doctors from Wadia hospital say that the total cost for the treatment will be around Rs 4 lakh and the girl’s father, who is a truck driver, has already collected Rs 1 lakh for her treatment. He is now working double shifts at construction site.”

The source adds that the girl’s family belongs to Mumbai and that her father’s monthly earning is Rs 10,000. “The show’s concept required Ranbir to work as a truck driver, much like the girl’s father. But it was Ranbir’s idea to sell vadapav instead; he told the production house that selling the snack at a crowded place will help him earn more money.” Producers Smruti Shinde and Vikas Gulati, who have done a similar show in Marathi earlier, confirmed the news.


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