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Sonam Kapoor kisses Ayushmann & flaunts her curves in bikini for Bewakoofiyaan

The first trailer of Bewakoofiyaan may be more about Ayushmann Khurrana and Rishi Kapoor’s sweet-sour equation, but the highlight of it surely is Sonam Kapoor’s bikini look by the pool side.

It seems the actress is raring to go bold in her flicks, and her bikini act is a step in that direction. After a few seconds into the trailer (watch it here), you get introduced to the bubbly Myra (Sonam Kapoor), clad in a bikini for some cozy moments with her beau Mohit, played by Ayushmann. For her beau she is “simply hot” and “super smart”.

No wonder Mohit is head-over-heels in love with his girl. He tells Myra, “Oh hotness…kha jaon tere ko”. Point taken. Sonam is not just a stylish chick in the movie; she is a bombshell with an Osama-type terrorizing father (Rishi Kapoor).

As for Sonam’s hotness quotient in the skimpy bikini, here’s a girl who looks effortlessly hot and decidedly voluptuous rather than skinny. The bandeau pink bikini suits her to a T.

Besides the good long bikini scene of Sonam Kapoor in the trailer, there is another club scene where the actress is seen gyrating to a song in a racy outfit.

Not only Sonam Kapoor will be seen in Bikini Scenes in the film, but also having kissing scene with Ayushmann in the film. This girl is definitely raising the oomph factor in the film and giving all her contemporaries a run for money as far as Hotness is concerned. Bewakoofiyaan is set for release on 14th March, 2014.



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