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Aamir Khan Denies ‘Forcing’ Residents To Sell Property

Actor Aamir Khan was recently accused of forcing a society’s residents to sell their property to him as he wants to build up a personal bungalow there. However, the Satyamev Jayate host, Aamir has completely denied all the charges.

Aamir Khan’s PR denying the charges said that Aamir left the building more than a year ago after an incident of concrete falling which left a member hospitalised. The PR mentioned that in the absence of Aamir, the society had several meetings regarding re-development of the building and thereafter, the society requested Aamir in writing to make an offer.

According to the clarification, the actor then gave due thought to the offer and he also suggested the society members to invite other offers to ensure best value for the society. Aamir who is preparing for his upcoming movie PK strongly denied all the allegations of pressure tactics or misconduct on his part.

It is to mention, two ladies, mother and daughter in relation, residing in the society made the allegations that the society managing committee has been putting pressure on them to sell the house property as Aamir wanted to build up a bungalow there for his personal use. It was reported that the ladies also filed a complaint to the deputy registrar of co-operative societies in this regard.

The allegations on the Satyamev Jayate anchor and actor Aamir Khan has left his fans in utter shock.


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