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Aamir Khan forcing neighbour to sell flats for his bungalow?

This piece of news might come as a shocker for those who hold actor and activist Aamir Khan in high regard.

According to a news report in Indian Express, the ‘Satyamev Jayate’ host is allegedly forcing people in his swanky Pali Hill neighbourhood in Mumbai’s Bandra area to sell their apartments to him so that he can construct a bungalow for himself.

The report alleges that an octagenarian woman and her daughter have alleged that the managing committee of their housing society is apparently misleading people and even pressurizing them to sell 60 per cent of the land to Aamir Khan for his palatial bungalow.

Calling it a “falsely conceived redevelopment scheme” (sic), Dr Pamela de Sa, 87, and her daughter, Dr Geneve de Sa, 50, complained to the deputy registrar of co-operative societies.

The report further reveals that the society in question is Virgo Co-operative Housing Society that has 23 members. The society comprises of two buildings, Marina Apartments and Bella Vista, that has 12 flats each. While Aamir Khan owns two flats in Marina and one in Bella Vista, Pamela de Sa owns two apartments in Marina, and Geneve de Sa owns two garages in Bella Vista.

The report mentions that Aamir had first expressed an interest in acquiring a part of the plot in December 2011. Aamir has allegedly offered to buy 20,000 sq ft of the 36,207 sq ft (3,364 sq m) property at the rate of Rs 70,000 per sq ft of carpet area from society members interested in selling their flats or garages to him.

According to the offer made by Aamir to the society, a certain number of members should be willing to sell their premises outright so that Aamir has atleast 20,000 sq ft of carpet area for himself to build his mansion.

Also, for those members who are unwilling to sell their premises, Aamir has apparently offered to build a separate building on the rest of the plot.

According to the minutes of the meeting, 23 members voted in favour of Aamir while five members rejected the same. However, Geneve de Sa elaborates that out of the 23 members who voted atleast 75% or 17 members should have been present in the meeting while on the other hand, she says only 14 of them were there and the rest sent their vote in a sealed envelope. Geneva de Sa also states in the report that the proposed offer was for redevelopment but it is actually for selling the society’s property to Aamir Khan instead.

Deputy Registrar of Co-operative Housing Societies S M Patil said he was yet to go through the complaint but it appeared prima facie that the proposal did not qualify as “redevelopment”.

Let’s see where this battle would go from here…


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