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Aamir Khan is maligning Men by telling lies: Save Indian Family Foundation

Aamir Khan is getting rave reviews for the second edition of his telly show Satyameva Jayate.

But, the actor is now being criticised by the Save India Family Foundation, an institution, which fights for the rights of men. Says the Centra India President of SIFF, Rajesh Vakharia, : “The title of Aamir Khan’s program Satyameva Jayate has to be changed to Ardha-Satyameva Jayate (Half Truths only Triumph) as it is all about manipulation and fake tears.

For example, the episode on domestic violence last season never mentioned anything about any domestic violence that men may face, leaving the audience with a perception that only women face domestic violence and men can never be victims of domestic violence by women. Not only that, the statistics of domestic violence against women in Satyameva Jayate were false as he went on to tweak the data here and there. For example, National Family Health Survey (NFHS) – III, whose data Aamir Khan quoted, was funded by US embassy (or USAID) and it deliberately limited the survey to only women in the age group of 15 to 49. This survey conveniently excluded elderly men, women, children and most importantly men.

Aamir Khan used this survey, but he failed to inform that all these categories of people are excluded.” Rajesh goes on to add: “National Family Health Survey reported 37% women facing domestic violence at least once in life time, but Aamir Khan failed to stick to this figure and tweaked it to 40% to make it a round figure, so that he can sell it to audience easily. Some 29% men, who eventually got separated also faced physical violence from in-laws. Please note, these figures are from separated or divorced men only, not from entire general male population. Such a generalised survey has to be funded and conducted by Government. But, till then it is disgusting if domestic violence against men is ignored.”


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