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Katrina Kaif not going to Cannes film festival

Contrary to reports, Katrina Kaif will not be making her first appearance at Cannes film festival this year. Kat recently rubbished any marriage plans with alleged beau Ranbir Kapoor in 2015 and even explained the cancellation of her Cannes plans.

“I so was looking forward to go to Cannes but things are not working out,” said Katrina.

“There are lot of film projects which are still pending. I have to finish the shoots and so, I can’t make it at Cannes,” she added.

It was heard that Katrina would be taking fashion advice from style diva Sonam Kapoor and that the two would visit the film festival together, but looks like Sonam will be flying solo now.

Katrina even expressed her disappointment in not being able to attend Cannes this year. “Well, I will hopefully go to Cannes next year. And I will look forward to some great tips from Sonam who is excellent at styling,” she said.

On the romantic front, rumours were rife that Kaif will be tying knot with alleged boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor in 2015.

Katrina outright rubbished the rumours, “This is news to me too. I have no plans to marry so soon. Whenever, I will, will surely let the world know.”


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