Movie Review: Bewakoofiyaan (2014)

Box Office: Flop

Bewakoofiyaan can be described as a “slice of life” movie, which is set during the time of recession. Mohit (Ayushmann Khurrana) is a marketing whiz kid vying for a step up the career ladder. Mayera (Sonam Kapoor) is a financial brain with a penchant for shoes.

They are a young middle class corporate couple who are ambitious and desires to spend a good life. They both work hard to achieve their goals and enjoys their life too.

They are passionately in love with each other and beleives that they can live on love and fresh air. However, the main obstacle in their love story is an obstinate old man Mayera’s father V. K. Sehgal, who believes that only a rich man can bring Mayera happiness. And a mid-level executive like Mohit simply isn’t good enough for her daughter.

Exactly how fragile are relationships in these times where consumer lifestyles dictate their very nature and intensity? Who gets the last laugh when recession strikes and the lack of money tests love, credit-card-junkies private-sector Mohit-Mayera; or safe-playing sarkari, V.K. Sehgal?


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
3.5 “BEWAKOOFIYAAN springs a pleasant surprise. Watch this wonderful slice of life film”
Bollywood Hungama
3.0 “Bewakoofiyaan scores with its disarming simplicity. Even as it doesn’t soar to dizzying heights, it is never less than watchable.”
3.0 “BEWAKOOFIYAAN is a believable, light-hearted love story handled with maturity.”
Average Reviews
2.5 “Bewakoofiyaan tries to be too many things at once.”
2.5 “Bewakoofiyaan plays it too safe to rise above the ordinary”
2.5 “Bewakoofiyaan is a well crafted film that misses the rightful rendering.”
2.5 “The film has no major flaws but it doesn’t have many great moments either.”
2.5 “It doesn’t have anything in it. But feels good.”
2.5 “‘Bewakoofiyaan’ has its khoobiyaan but mostly it has majbooriyaan where the story is concerned.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Don’t do the ‘bewakoofi’ of watching Bewakoofiyaan”
2.0 “Bewakoofiyaan is a break up, patch up saga which entertains and bores in parts. If you are under 30 and have nothing better to do this weekend, Bewakoofiyaan is the film for you.”
Daily Bhaskar
2.0 “Bewakoofiyaan is a typically clichéd love story. Despite a good star cast it is at most a one time watch.”
2.0 “Bewakoofiyan has strong characters, but lacks soul.”
2.0 “Bewakoofiyaan is a tedious, tired and forgettable affair which at the most can achieve a ho-hum reaction from those audience who are always in good mood.”
1.0 “Neither the veteran Kapoor nor the couple- of-films-old Khurrana manage to lift off the screen: they are as flat as the film.”
1.0 “Just like money can’t buy you love, a great idea cannot buy you a good film. Avoid this one.”
0.5 “Bewakoofiyaan offers a jaded romance and few laughs.”

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