Movie Review: Gulaab Gang (2014)

Box Office: Flop

It’s time to witness the power of pink! This Women’s Day, two icons of Indian cinema come together on the big screen to create a revolution.A fearless woman fights social injustice; creating a sanctuary for abused women and battling a crooked politician.

This movie is a story of a gang of Indian women fighting against social injustice. This gang of women is operating in Bundelkhand Uttar and Madhya Pradesh. As film is based on the rural parts of India, cast including Madhuri Dixit would be portraying de-glamorous roles. Juhi Chawla is reported to play her first role with the negative shades. Juhi is playing a powerful, infamous and villainous Politician known as Sumitra Devi.

Although GULAAB GANG raises a strong voice against years of patriarchal pain and suffering — one might assume it tilts towards arthouse cinema — the fact of the matter is, Soumik presents the classic conflict between good and evil like any other masala film, replete with high-voltage drama, song-and-dance routine and of course, action sequences. This time, the protagonist as well as the antagonist are women, the story is set in the hinterland, the issues they tackle pertain to women… while men are merely peripheral characters here. Also, unlike some films set in the hinterland, Soumik abstains from using cuss words/colorful lingo to belittle the oppressors here.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
3.5 “GULAAB GANG is well-intentioned with several powerful moments, especially towards the second half.”
3.0 “Gulaab Gang captures the deep oppression the vulnerable face.”
3.0 “With changing times, women have been empowered by laws, education and other helpful aspects that not only gave them the confidence to live life on their own terms but also cemented their foothold in a men-driven country.”
3.0 “The film does speak about issues that need urgent attention, but may not be enough to draw people to the theatres. “
3.0 “There is a constant and deliberate attempt to cash in on the feminist wave that is sweeping the country these days but the director doesn’t seem to have a clear understanding of feminism.”
Average Reviews
2.5 “Watch Gulaab Gang for Juhi Chawla.”
2.5 “The film is certainly one time watch, if not ‘paisa vasool’.”
2.5 “There are several cliches and loopholes like this in the film but it is an entertaining potboiler nonetheless.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Women, Madhuri and Juhi included, certainly deserve better.”
2.0 “If not for Juhi clap worthy heroics as an actress and surprising better and much determined act by Madhuri’s comrades played by Divya Jagdale, Priyanka Bose and Tannishta Chatterjee ‘ Gulaab Gang’ would have become impossible to sit through.”
1.5 “Gulaab Gang is a half baked attempt to present a gritty action drama. A movie which wastes potential of two brilliant actresses.”
1.0 “GULAAB GANG falls flat right from the beginning.”
1.0 “Madhuri Dixit’s ‘Gulab Gang’ has nothing to do with Sampat Pal’s real-life ‘Gulaabi Gang’. “

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