Movie Review: Queen (2014)

Box Office: Hit

Rani [Kangna Ranaut] hails from a Punjabi family in Delhi. She has led a sheltered life, having been surrounded by her over-protective, but caring parents, doting grand-mom and younger brother Chintu. Rani is introduced to Vijay [Rajkummar Rao], the son of their family friend. Vijay is attracted to Rani and woos her relentlessly. Eventually, Rani gives in to Vijay’s charms.

Vijay and Rani get engaged. Vijay is posted in London, but when he returns to Delhi for the wedding, he’s a changed man. He calls off the wedding at the eleventh hour. Rani is heartbroken, her family is shattered as well. Rani resolves to take charge of her life. She decides to go on her honeymoon to Europe. All by herself…

QUEEN starts off as yet another attempt to encapsulate the middle class Punjabi set-up [based in New Delhi yet again!], replete with resplendent song-and-dance spectacle prior to the wedding, but quickly changes lanes as Rani sets out for Paris. Steering away from the conservative route of the woman wallowing in self-pity, Vikas Bahl tells Rani’s story with insight and understanding and along with his team of writers [screenplay: Parveez Shaikh, Chaitally Parmar, Vikas Bahl] injects loads of optimism, besides spirited and lively episodes, to portray Rani’s emotional rollercoaster journey.


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Positive Reviews
5.0 “Go watch Queen NOW!”
4.5 “A movie worth going miles to see! Clean entertainer with a ‘state-of-the-art’ message for every woman… and man. Simply superb!”
4.5 “Queen is irresistible. Highly recommended. A must-see film. You will leave the theatre with your heart humming happily.”
4.5 “This film is the kind that’ll work to make you a better human being, minus the lecture.”
India Today:Saurabh Dwivedi
4.5 “Queen is a journey of self transformation every woman, dumped at the altar or not, must take.”
India Today:Gayatri Jayaraman
4.5 “If you miss “Queen”, you may never get a chance to know how Rani journeyed into self-actualization. And that would be your loss entirely. “
4.0 “QUEEN reinvents the genre with its non-formulaic screenplay and skilled direction.”
4.0 “This film belongs to its director Vikas Bahl.”
4.0 “Kangna rules in Queen.”
4.0 “Both the actress and the director use the element of gaucherie in the character to great effect, crafting a believable and adorable heroine who evokes both empathy and enchantment.”
4.0 “Queen is one of the finest films this year that with all its simplicity strikes a chord with the mass. The movie deserves not one but repeated watch.”
4.0 “A true coming-of-age-story… no cop-out. Now that’s a rare Bollywood gem. Do Not Miss!”
4.0 “A witty and humourous coming-of-age film with some great histrionics by Kangana”
4.0 “Queen is one of those few films that you wouldn’t mind watching again.”
India Today:Faheem Ruhani
4.0 “Vikas Bahl’s Queen is one of those films that prove that you don’t need big stars or big budgets to make good films.”
India Today:Rohit Khilnani
4.0 “The story is etched out well, and it is perfect for the Women`s day theme. Watch the movie to break free from whatever holds you back, and of course Kangana Ranaut.”
4.0 “‘Queen’ is completely sincere, full of heart recognition to women and womanhood having Kangana Ranaut best act as an actress till date. “
4.0 “Kangana Ranaut revels in her solidly-written role, and delivers a first rate, heart-felt performance.”
4.0 “Vikas Bahl deserves applause for steering clear of melodrama and sparing us long monologues.”
Yahoo Movies
4.0 “So folks…just grab your tickets and be ready to fall in love with the Queen.”
3.5 “Queen’ celebrates a woman’s life and ditches all her regret and somber. Go for it. “
3.5 “Queen is a film which connects us, shakes us, entertains us and makes us think in a different way about the people and world around us.”
3.5 “Queen is a well-meaning, well-mannered film that’s funny and packs in small, elevating, but palatable messages. “
3.0 “If there is one reason why you should watch the film, it is Kangana’s acting.
Average Reviews
Negative Reviews

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