Movie Review: Total Siyapaa (2014)

Box Office: Disaster

Aman (Ali Zafar), who is in London, hopes to marry Asha (Yami Gautam), an Indian girl, also in London. He visits her parents’ house to seek their permission to marry her. However, his plans to impress the family start failing when they discover that he is a Pakistani. Total Siyapaa (Total Chaos) is about a series of unfortunate events that befall a good-hearted but hapless Pakistani boy while visiting his girlfriend’s parents, leading to some of the funniest, chaotic and outrageous situations.

Picking on this pert premise screenwriter Neeraj Pandey does a special 69 on cross-border politics. Borderline tensions are defused to the point until we see just the ludicrous futility of cultural bickering. It’s a delicious idea to build a plot around.

Pandey derives inspiration from a Spanish film Seres Queridos, in which the conflict between the Palestinian boy and his girlfriend’s Jewish family was served in a feisty feast of farcical episodes, all meant to draw humour from the dysfunctional family’s dysfunctionalism.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
3.0 “An audacious comedy that dares to poke fun at a border issue, the film is stylised and is attentively staged.”
Average Reviews
2.5 “Like a cold, cloudy morning in London, this one leaves you with more gloom than glee.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “TOTAL SIYAPAA appeals in bits and spurts. You expect a laugh-riot, but what comes across on screen is half-baked.”
2.0 “Total Siyappa is so insipid, it implores your mind to wander off every few minutes.”
1.5 “Total Siyapaa is not worth your time & money.”
1.5 “Total Siyappa, an adaptation of the Spanish film Seres Queridos (2004), is a comedy which doesn’t want to say anything meaningful.”
India Today:Suhani Singh
1.5 “Total Siyappa could have been hilarious. But all it does is drag its feet through unfunny, stretched situations.”
1.0 “Total Siyappa is a lesson in knowing that merely seeking inspiration from international films isn’t enough one still has to work on the script to make it palatable. A complete waste of a good plot.”
1.0 “After a few flashes of promise, the screenplay starts doddering and there is very little it has to offer. Over-the-top situations and unnecessary screeching is all that you get.”
India Today:Faheem Ruhani
0.5 “It will better for the highly talented Neeraj Pandey to ‘palat’ (go back) to the genre he is known for. As a writer such comedies are not his cup of tea.”


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