Movie Review: Youngistaan (2014)

Box Office: Disaster

‘Youngistaan’, essentially a love story set in the backdrop of Indian politics, is the story of Abhimanyu Kaul – a young, independent, Games Developer, living in Japan with the love of his life, Anwita Chauhan – a bubbly, passionate and full of life, summer intern.

Their happy and content life faces the test of time, when blood ties and the pressure of being born into the first family of India tears a young Abhimanyu between his love for Anwita and a promise made to his dying father, the Prime Minister of India.

Being a public figure, by reluctantly accepting to represent the governing party, much against his own wishes and at the cost of his private life, is a double-edged sword that Abhimanyu must walk on. Much like the crests and troughs of any political survey, the film follows the highs and lows of Abhimanyu’s life – From a young boy, living an ordinary life in Japan, to the designate Prime Minister of the biggest democracy in the world. The film travels with Abhimanyu, as he becomes the Prime Minister of India and struggles to balance his personal relationship with Anwita on one hand and the political resistance against him from within his party, on the other.

Thought of as an amateur and incapable of handling the issues at large by one and all, (except the ever faithful Akbar Patel, Secretary to the P.M), the film closes as a victorious Abhimanyu changes the course of events and turns the tide his way, through his hard work, honestly, and above all, a political legacy – a sharp, leading mind that not everyone inherits!


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Positive Reviews
4.0 “It can be a bastion for the young. And it can be a great deal of fun!”
4.0 “Vashu Bhagnani’s Silver Jubilee production YOUNGISTAAN is full of the flavor of youth and the mood of the moment. “
4.0 “Topical tale of politics, youth “
4.0 “Youngistaan is as much a political drama as a romantic comedy”
4.0 “‘Youngistaan’ will strike a chord with youth”
3.5 “Youngistaan is an enjoyable experience”
3.0 “‘Youngistaan’ isn’t the perfect concoction of love and politics, but worth one ‘shot’!”
3.0 “YOUNGISTAAN has an interesting premise, a mature act by Jackky Bhagnani and importantly, the message it conveys is just right.”
3.0 ” A pleasant surprise”
Average Reviews
2.5 ” Watch it once if politics turns you on, and with election fever in the air, this seems like just the right time too.”
2.5 ” Youngistaan could have become the cinematic political anthem in this election season and the premise gave all the opportunity but unfortunately it’s so dreamy like having a utopian state in reality or a Taj Mahal once again.”
2.5 “If you are admant on watching a film this weekend and confused between Youngistaan and other big releases, then Youngistaan is your option.”
2.5 “‘Youngistaan’ – not a perfect film, but an entertaining drama! Watch it and leave it! “
2.5 ” An Enjoyable Ride”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “After surviving two disastrous movies this week, Youngistaan was a much settling respite.”
2.0 “Some amount of work has gone into making ‘Youngistaan’ somewhat believable as a film about a young man who is propelled into the nation’s highest political seat. “
1.0 “Youngistaan makes claims like Modi, implements policies like Rahul and has a persistent cough like Kejriwal, and I certainly wouldn’t vote for it.”

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