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Nargis and I crack dirty jokes: Varun Dhawan

While he has his roots in the film industry, she still feels like an outsider, but Varun Dhawan and Nargis Fakhri, co-stars in Main Tera Hero, got along like a house on fire and were at their candid best when they dropped in at the Bombay Times office recently. Excerpts from the conversation:

Varun, which of your co-stars — Nargis Fakhri and Ileana D’Cruz — was more exciting to romance in Main Tera Hero?
Ileana Fakhri. There’s something very sexy, lovely and endearing about both of them. When they are together… why not both? There are boys who fall for two girls at the same time and vice versa.

In real life, have you fallen for two girls at the same time?
No, never.

Who are you with currently?
With myself and my driver Manoj, we are together 24/7. We see each other the most, I think I am going to break his marriage.

You recently stated that you would never date an actress. Are you serious about that?
Yes, very serious. I like normal girls. When I come home, I don’t want to discuss films; I want to discuss what her world is like and other things. Of course, a normal girl would ask me about my work, but she wouldn’t get so much into it unless it’s her business.

On the personal front, Nargis, you are being constantly linked to Uday Chopra…
I get linked to everybody and their mothers as well. I was waiting to turn lesbian apparently at some point.

So, what is the equation between the two of you?
My equations with that person? It is just a close friendship. People have made up stuff that I have not even said.

Who took the initiative to begin your friendship?
I met him when I was auditioning for something. I never spoke to him everyday. He is very intelligent and grounded, unlike many people I have met in the industry. It was nice to meet someone who is on the same wavelength. There are not many people who understand you, or want to understand you. With him, I am very honest, speak my truth, tell my life story. For me, it is a blessing to have met him.

Who is the sexiest among the current lot of heroes?
Nargis: It might sound cheesy, but I don’t really look at outer beauty.
Varun: She is a santh and a stand-up comic. Nargis: No, that’s not true! I look at someone’s personality, so that’s what I am attracted to. And I haven’t spent time with so many people — only the three heroes I worked with.

So, Ranbir Kapoor, John Abraham and Varun Dhawan — whose personality are you most attracted to?
Nargis: I’d be more inclined towards. Varun, personality wise. John will be second, Ranbir will be third. It’s about energy, wavelength and things that you have in common. If you ask those guys who their favourite is, maybe I am the last one. They might not like me and find me weird.
Varun: Honestly, she is my favourite person. If I had to ever promote a film with someone, I would choose Nargis because she doesn’t crib or nag at all. You know how people sometimes get offended when you say something really true about them, that doesn’t happen with her.

So, are you saying Ileana nags?
She doesn’t, but compared to Nargis, it is a little more. Ileana is a simpler person. Nargis is way more complex an individual to understand, but when you understand her, she is a child. She is a child in a sexy girl’s body.

Varun, do you wear your heart on your sleeve like your character?
No. You have one heart and once you give it away, it’s gone. If you wear it on your sleeve, a lot of people are there to take advantage of it. Goodness is something people take advantage of and if you want to remain a good person for long, you should make sure that too many people don’t take advantage of you because then you turn bitter. So, a little bit of caution is important.

What is your trademark line in the film?
Main dikhta hoon sweet, innocent swami type ka, but actually main hoon harami type ka. That is the whole character. My character is named after two iconic bowlers — Srinath and Prasad.

What do you like best about each other?
Nargis: He is really easy to work with. He has no ego, he is pretty grounded and the best thing is that he is tuned in to everyone’s energy. He can look at you and see if something is wrong, and he will come to you and ask if you are okay and you need anything. I like his work ethic. It is cool to see someone so young being so focussed and ambitious.
Varun: From the first day we met, I felt she is the girl I can say anything to. She understands humour. She is very spiritual. That is the reason perhaps we get along well. We crack dirty jokes and also talk about spirituality. That is the most honest relationship you can have with someone. The values that she lives by is very close to Indian society. I don’t think she should go anywhere.

But where is Nargis going?
Varun: She keeps saying that she doesn’t know how long she will continue in Bollywood. I feel Indians will get her humour. Her dream was to become a stand-up comedian.
Nargis: That is your dream for me.

So Nargis, can you see yourself settling in India?
My dream is to settle in New Zealand and have a farm. As of now, I consider India my office. I don’t think I would build a tent in my office and stay there. For me, the most important person is my mom and she doesn’t want to move. I think I wouldn’t live here forever.

As compared to Rockstar and Madras Cafe, MTH offers typical Bollywood fare. How different was the experience for you?
Nargis: It was very tough. While doing Rockstar, I didn’t know anything, I was just having fun. Madras Cafe was serious, but not as difficult as MTH because it isn’t my style of comedy. I wouldn’t understand some of the jokes. I think acting retarded would be easy for me. Having a script and the timing was difficult. Dancing and lip-syncing was really tough.
Varun: I think watching Ganesh Acharya teach dance to Nargis is the most joyful feeling.

Is there anything you want to ask each other?
Varun: As an actress, you have the image of being sexy, glamorous, which you are.

Do you ever imagine what boys or men do when they see your pictures? How does it make you feel knowing that you are turning them on?
Nargis: It is a bit creepy to tell you the truth… I never grew up obsessing about anyone, I never had a favourite actor, or favourite food or anything, that is my personality. For me, it is very difficult to understand obsession. A female fan once came screaming and crying, she hugged me and placed her head on my breast. She won’t let me go; I wondered what was happening. With that kind of obsession comes fantasy. It is dangerous because fantasy could lead to over obsession with men wanting to actually get closer, leading to stalking and other things. I had a stalker, I had to file a report. It is very scary.

Do you have a crush on any Bollywood actress?
Varun: I saw Queen and I thought Lisa Haydon was really, really sexy. I called her and told her that I had a crush on her on-screen persona.

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