A very romantic watch that left me all starry eyed and moony – 3.5/5.0

Two States is an intensely romantic movie. I don’t recall the novel by Chetan Bhagat as being that intense. I read it a long time back but the impression I still carry with me is that it was kind of wry in its humour and very tongue in cheek about the situation two young people of different castes find themselves in when they decide to marry. The movie hits all the romantic spots very well but the humour is kind of swallowed up by the intensity.

So, Panju boy Krish meets Tamilian girl Ananya at IIMA, they fall in love and decide to get married. Only hitch? The parents object. And like good Indian kids they wont do anything to displease their parents so they try to woo them and win them over. There is a side track to of the troubled relationship between the boy and his violent dad that plays quite an important role in the movie. The story explores the cultural clichés and biases that we are born with and live by even though it may mean hurting the people closest to you.

The book had quite an entertaining climax if I recall right. There was a hilarious scene when Krish has to get ready in South Indian style for the wedding. These funny moments are absent from the movie but I guess one really has to not use the book as a reference if you want to enjoy the movie on its own merit.

Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor share a great equation in the movie. She is spunky, he is sensitive and they make a really cool couple. I just wondered about the absence of friends in the whole picture. After all, living on campus means making a great bunch of friends who help you and stand by you. I missed that part. Maybe it just got edited out. The supporting cast of Revathi and Shiv Kumar Subramaniam as Ananya’s reserved Tamilian parents and Ronit Roy and Amrita Singh as Krish’s estranged parents do a great job. Amrita is catty and on the edge and Revathi is so beautiful and calm that she is a pleasure to watch. Achint Kaur as Krish’s masi adds some Punjabi tadka to the whole mix. Together, all of them make the characters believable without resorting to histrionics.

I would recommend Two States as a good romantic movie to watch. It’s long (2.5 hours) but very involved. I would have wished for more lighter moments and some more laughing at ourselves in the movie but even as it is, it works. It’s the kind of movie that can definitely spark off some new flames and rekindle some old fires.

By: Smita Vyas Kumar


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