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Kangana Ranaut praises Sonam’s exciting interviews

Kangana Ranaut appreciates Sonam Kapoor’s outspokenness, despite the two being pitted against each other when it comes to fashion. Also, it was reported that Sonam’s take on a chat show, on Kangana needing to work on her English, had not gone down too well with the latter.

When asked about the alleged rivalry, Kangana says, “Sonam is one person, whose interviews I love to read, because sometimes she really lets go. But I think she’s been a bit more closed now. She used to come up with very exciting interviews.”

Interestingly, both the actresses today, are not too high on being tagged as ‘fashionistas’. “I really don’t want to be known as a fashionista. I’d like to be someone more than that. It’s not like what I do or what I wear is my copyright. What I’m wearing now also is an inspiration. It is how I saw it on the mannequin and I just wore it, so it’s in a way copied. But obviously, I wouldn’t want to spend my life thinking about dresses. It is such a waste of life,” says Kangana. Sonam too, has been heard saying that she will now be focusing more on her films.


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