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Kissing is like slapping: Alia Bhatt

Going by the madding crowd awaiting their arrival, it’s hard to believe that one of actors is just three films old and the other, merely two. So, when Arjun Kapoor and Alia Bhatt strode into a newly opened city mall, the security had a tough time dealing with the fan frenzy. “Thank you so much, Kolkata. You guys have made it special for us,” said the Kapoor lad. CT spoke to the lovely duo. Excerpts:

Apparently, you guys like to kiss each other…
Alia: Let’s brush this kissing topic aside rightaway. You see, personally, I have no qualms about kissing on screen. When you are asked how the kiss was with your co-star, you don’t expect me to say, “I hated kissing him!” That way, nobody will come watch the movie!

How many takes did you need to perfect that shot?
Alia: One!

You seem to be pros at kissing.
Alia: It was a very organic and mechanical process. It’s like a slap. You slap your co-star once and it’s done!

Apart from kissing Alia, what else do you like about her?
Arjun: I had this opinion that Alia might just be the kind of person she portrayed in Student of the Year. But in reality, she is a very sorted person — mature for her age. She has a very good understanding of life. And I think that is what makes her such a good actor.

What did you learn about south India while doing the film?
Alia: First thing I learnt — all of south India does not come under one bracket! I found their rituals very interesting. The Tam Bram wedding is actually a very long process. Like you know, in a Bengali wedding, people try to hold the bride up while the groom tries to put a garland on her, in a Tamil wedding, the bride’s family tries to pull her away from the groom.

Is critical acclaim very important to you, Arjun?
Arjun: I don’t know how to differentiate between critical and commercial films. For me a film is all about the audience. That is my priority while choosing a film. The more people see your film, the more your stardom.

Would you date a south Indian girl?
Absolutely. Our generation does not carry religion, caste or creed on our shoulders. If I meet you, unless I know your surname, I wouldn’t know where you are from. It’s not like you are roaming around everyday in your typical Durga Puja avatar, right?

Parineeti or Alia — the crazier one?

Varun, Sidharth or Arjun — the better husband material?
I don’t know. I am getting married to Arjun in the film, So I guess Arjun it is.

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