Movie Preview: Fugly (2014)

Grazing Goat pictures presents FUGLY, an upcoming comedy movie set to release all over on 13th June, 2014. Jointly produced by Ashwini Yardi and Alka Bhatia, directed by Kabir Sadanand, the movie stars Jimmy Shergill, Mohit Marwah, Kiara Advani, boxer Vijender Singh and Arfi Lamba in the lead roles.

The music of the movie is given by Yo Yo Honey Singh, Prashant Vaidyahar and Santokh Singh.

Character Sketches:

Arfi Lamba as Aditya: He is portrayed as a voice of caution amongst all his friends. He is the more responsible one and always advises his friends to stay out of trouble. He is cautious, understanding and not easily convinced. He plays a character that develops from someone, wouldn’t easily take a stand against someone to an individual who fights for his friends when the situation arises.

Kiara Advani as Devika: Devika is a fun loving and very outspoken. Her personality reflects confidence, independence and righteousness. Her friends calls her Devi or Daayan.

Mohit Marwah as Dev: Dev is a rebellious character who lost his mother when he was really young and he was brought up in a hostel. He is shy, an introvert and looks upon his 3 friends as his family. He is unruffled and at the same time, a man of few words.

Vijender Singh as Gaurav: A boisterous, fun loving guy who brings the party with him everywhere he goes. Gaurav is the brat of the group; he is mischievous and loves having a good time always.


India is a young country, where the youth are increasingly becoming independent and taking charge of their own lives. Tapping into this bristling energy, we bring to you FUGLY.

It is a story of 4 friends – Dev, Gaurav, Aditya & Devi. The cast is young & fresh. They are at the cusp of their lives… The college has just about finished, but career path is yet to be set. These are the last few days of true freedom that we have all gone through, and still cherish.

These friends are conscientious; they will have fun but would never cross the boundaries… They all have dreams and expectations from life, but as they say… man proposes, god disposes! Their fun filled and care free life comes to an abrupt halt, when they are faced with an extremely corrupt and seemingly fearless Police Officer. This puts a series of events in motion which will test their friendship and characters… their life becomes FUGLY.

Set in the bylanes of Delhi, this fast paced Youth Entertainer has a miss a beat narrative that would drive you to the edge of your seat in true blue Dilli ke rang! As they say in DELHI ”Purra Da Purra Pomp and Show Kakke”. Pulsating music, that is young, experimental and yet completely commercial… Guaranteed to knock you off the seats. It’s whacky! It’s Kitsch and it puts the best of friends through the most bizarre events of their life… the game is FUGLY!

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