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The curious case of Ranbir: Here’s what actually happened on sets of Bombay Velvet

Of late, tabloids have been abuzz with stories of a photographer from a leading Mumbai media house being thrashed on the sets of Bombay Velvet. Daily Bhaskar’s reliable sources, though, clearly establish that the photographer in question was the one provoking a confrontation and was in the wrong here. Then why are we being fed with stories claiming ‘Photographer thrashed on the sets of Ranbir Kapoor’s Bombay Velvet’ (notice how the actor’s name is a part of the headline)?

For one, it is but convenient to sell a story banking heavily on the so-called ‘Besharam’ image of the Kapoor with the ‘Badtameez Dil’, not to forget how film stars’ spat with a photog has become oh-so-everyday, aaj kal, wherein, mind you, the short-tempered actor, of course, is at fault, right? Secondly, usually, the actor in question, prefer a silence post such reports. And true to most cliched Bollywood films, unki khamoshi ka matlab haan hi ho hoga. And reason 3, Ranbir’s reported argument with a photog in December (wherein he snatched his camera) gives the much benefit of doubt!

True that Ranbir Kapoor has stayed silent and Anurag Kashyap too, has prefered not to go out of his way to present a clarification on this recent issue. Here’s the course of events that took place on the sets of Bombay Velvet. Let’s hear it from our Chatpati Chawla.

The photographer arrived on the sets uninvited to click a picture. He got one picture of Ranbir dressed up in his (Bombay) Velvet look (frankly, much ado over nothing).

Then he waited for more photographs, as Karan Johar was on the sets too. The security guards on duty here kept a watchful eye on him, and seemed a little annoyed with his presence. At some stage, as dawn began to break, the photographer and the security guard present on the sets had a confrontation, and the photographer struck the first blow.

Note that neither the film’s director nor any of its actors were present at the spot when this happened. No one, therefore, paid much attention.

The photographer then zoomed off to Dadar police station, claimed injuries and played around to establish that he was attacked on Ranbir Kapoor’s film set. As is common with the police when it comes to media persons, they obliged and heard him out but didn’t take the matter further.

The said photographer has a record of creating trouble, on a regular basis. At a recent fashion show and charity event, too, photographers from the same publication were flexing aggression with little need, naturally sending out worry signals for the organisers. Experienced lensmen in the glamour and Bollywood curcuit confirm that their employment with India’s leading media group has something to do with an added chip on their shoulders and working up fights is becoming common with them.

Anurag & Madhu Mantena (co producer of the film) did let friends know the truth, for they were angry with the situation.

Ranbir Kapoor just decided to keep mum, as junior RK now often doesn’t react to certain sections of the press.

Add to that, before the Bombay Velvet party last night, photographers from the same tabloid tried to provoke a boycott based on their staffer being attacked here.. But the rest of the media didn’t cooperate and the ’28 November tee shirt’ strategy got the right attention here.


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