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Virat joins Anushka in Jodhpur

Once again, Virat Kohli has landed up on Anushka Sharma’s film sets, and this time, he didn’t try to evade photogs or keep it clandestine. Yesterday morning, Virat stepped out of the Jodhpur airport, and headed to the hotel. Anushka was already in Jodhpur; she landed on Tuesday afternoon, and later left for Khejrala, to the sets of the film NH10, the shooting of which has brought Anushka to Jodhpur. Virat left for Khejrala around afternoon, yesterday.

Rumours of their association have been doing the rounds for a while, ever since both were snapped together on the streets of Auckland, New Zealand, where Virat was on a cricket tour. And recently, when Anushka was shooting in Sri Lanka for Bombay Velvet, Virat is said to have gone there as well. Though both have been regularly denying seeing each other, it definitely doesn’t seem to be a coincidence that both Virat and Anushka had to head to a small village called Khejarla, near Jodhpur, at the same time! Well, what better way to forget the T20 International World Cup defeat that in the company of ladylove, against the romantic and historic backdrop of Jodhpur?

Anushka’s turn to explore After Alia Bhatt’s travel, it’s Anushka’s turn to explore the highway. Anushka debuts as a producer with this film that is based on a journey on the National Highway 10 that runs between New Delhi and Fazilka, near Indo-Pak border in Punjab. Line producer Gyanendra Singh told JT, “It’s a thriller and will be shot in a small village called Khejarla, some 90 kilometres away from Jodhpur. It’s a month-long schedule, and shooting starts today (April 10) and will go on till May 10. We plan to shoot highway shots, roadside dhabas and village life.” The film is being directed by Manorama Six Feet Under director, Navdeep Singh.


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