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After Sussanne Roshan, Hrithik’s sister Sunaina leaves family home

It is known that Hrithik Roshan will occupy the third floor of a building where Akshay Kumar resides. The actor is said to have leased it out and will stay away from his parents’ home, Il Palazzo.

The most recent news is that his sister Sunaina Roshan has also left the family home. Sunaina and her daughter Suranika were staying with Rakesh, Pinky and Hrithik Roshan for the past few years.

After Sunaina separated from her first husband, she was in and out of her father’s house. When she married a second time, her family is said to have bought her an apartment. However, that marriage too didn’t last, and she was back in her parents’ home.

Of late, the entire Roshan household has had an upheaval. In December 2013, Hrithik’s wife Sussanne Roshan moved out with her two sons to an apartment in Seven Bungalows, Andheri. Then Hrithik decided to move out to the address we’ve mentioned above.

Sunaina has reportedly been advised by a life coach, whom the Roshans consult, to start staying on her own. Our source says, “This advice comes from a good place. It is meant to help Sunaina, who has had a couple of failed relationships, find her own feet. The coach reportedly told her that moving out of her parents’ home will help her take charge of her life.”

The source adds, “Sunaina now stays in a three-bedroom apartment that is around 10 minutes away from Il Palazzo. Of course, she is in regular touch with her family. In fact, she is very close to Pinky and the mother-daughter even go on shopping trips.”

Her father and brother also dote on Sunaina, who is a cancer survivor. The family may be living in three separate addresses, but they are very much one. When we contacted Sunaina, she told us she would call back, but she hadn’t by the time we went to press.

Hrithik and Sussanne visited the Bandra family court yesterday to file a mutual consent petition for divorce. No allegations were raised by either party. Since the court requires the couple to wait six months before the divorce goes through, their next hearing will most likely be in October this year.


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