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B-Town actors living in their ex’s vicinity

While their relationships continue to grab headlines, celeb addresses too have hogged reams of paper. With hits films to their credit, many stars have switched to grander homes over a period of time.

Some Bollywood celebrities who are dating each other have moved in together, but what’s also interesting is the fact that many actors and actresses, who are no longer seeing each other, continue to stay in the same vicinity.

Several celebs, notwithstanding their past, maintain cordial equations with their exes. Some of these continue to live in the same neighbourhood, knowing that they might just run into an ex. A case in point is actor Shahid Kapoor, who coughed up Rs 32 crore for a Juhu apartment that is located in the building called Praneta; the building is also home to his rumoured ex-flame, Vidya Balan. In fact, Shahid currently stays in the same society as Priyanka Chopra, who he has allegedly dated in the past. hitlist points out other actors and actresses who were once linked to each other and continue to be neighbours.

Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone
When they were seeing each other, Ranbir-Deepika were the hottest couple in the industry. At that time, they stayed in the same vicinity – in fact, Deepika stayed just a couple of buildings away from Ranbir’s residence. After their break up, the actress now stays in Prabhadevi, but she continues to own her Pali Hill (Bandra) flat.

Shahid Kapoor-Priyanka Chopra
The duo that was reportedly seeing each other still shares the same address. The actor stays at Raj Classic at Yari Road in Andheri and PeeCee lives in the same society.

Shahid Kapoor-Vidya Balan
The actor has recently bought a plush apartment in a building where rumoured ex-girlfriend Vidya Balan currently stays. Whether Shahid will use the space as his office, home or just as an investment is not known yet. But the property is under renovation as of now.

Shilpa Shetty and Akshay Kumar
Akshay and Shilpa were once rumoured to get married. They are no longer together but they live in the same locality. The actress stays in a palatial bungalow in Juhu and it is quite close to Akshay Kumar’s flat.

Niharika Bhasin and Ayub Khan
The marriage of this designer-actor duo may have not lasted, but the couple stays in opposite buildings in Versova.
Out of life, out of the vicinity

Actors who chose to change their address post their breakup

Sushmita Sen and Randeep Hooda
The couple stayed in the same building when they were seeing each other. But after their breakup, they both moved out of that building. While Sushmita stays in Bandra, Randeep now lives at Yari Road.

>> Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif
When Katrina Kaif was seeing Salman Khan, she stayed a few blocks away from his residence at Bandstand’s Galaxy Apartments. But now the actress has a new address; she is currently staying at Waterfield Road.

John Abraham and Bipasha Basu
The couple, often called the sexiest duo in B-town, stayed in the same vicinity in Bandra when they were together. After their breakup, the actress moved to Khar, while John stays at Bandstand.

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