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Dad was not around while I was growing up: Prateik Babbar

After a promising start, Prateik Babbar’s acting career hit a road block with the 2013 film Issaq. .
The son of (late) Smita Patil and Raj Babbar, then disappeared from the scene. But the 27-year-old was back at work, shooting for Rahul Kapoor and Sampoorna Entertainment’s Bengali film Auroni Taukhonin in Andheri yesterday, when Mirror caught up with him on the sets. The film, directed by Saurav Chakraborty, who has assisted Ashutosh Gowariker in the past, will be dubbed in English and titled Tryst With Destiny. Excerpts from the conversation that followed:

Where have you been?
Around. Just moved from my house in Carter Road to a new place.

Your dad lost in the 2014 elections…
He has done quite a bit for his party. And he is a nice man. The news came as a disappointment.

You have reconciled with him…
Yeah. There were a few misunderstandings. Sometime ago, I visited him on his birthday. Nadira, Juhi and Arya were all present. Now, every thing is fine.

Did they welcome you?

So, are you going to start using your surname again?
Hmmm… I don’t think so. My decision to drop it was spiritual.

Does your father’s decision to stay with Nadira and their kids bother you?
Sometimes such thoughts still erupt in my mind. But, I have moved on.

What exactly bothers you?
Broken family (pauses). Dad was never around while I was growing up. He was always busy with his other family and I had to go and meet him at their house. Why did my mother pass away? It still hurts to come to terms with this reality. Over to movies.

Are you avoiding mainstream cinema?
Let’s say I am being choosy. You know what? I am trying to do the type of films my mother did. I know that she did a Bengali film and I wanted to do one for the longest time. Now, finally I have got one.

Do your dad and you talk about your mother?
Yup. He tells me things about her-I do the listening, he does the talking.

Let’s not end this without talking about your ex, Amy Jackson…
Our love fizzled out. She and I wanted different things from life.

Buzz is, it ended because you were a possessive lover?
That was one of the reasons, maybe. She did want a lot of space.

Are you in touch with her?
Nahin. But I guess we will be cordial and respectful if we ever bump into each other.

And then you were linked with Amyra Dastur…
People don’t know this but Amyra’s real name is Amy. Which is why the link-up happened. I was not dating her. Lekin haan, she is a attractive girl.

Wasn’t the Amy tattoo on your left arm a mistake?
Not really. One fine day, Amy returned from abroad with my name tattooed on her arm. I reciprocated. It was an emotional decision. You do impulsive things in love, don’t you?

Do you see yourself falling in love again in the near future?
I don’t know. These days….(pauses).

Say it… These days, I feel like Saif Ali Khan’s character in Dil Chahta Hai. He thinks every girl is in love with him but they kick his a**.


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