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Deepika Padukone to altered her RK tattoo into RS?

Recently a lot of websites and tabloids reported that Deepika Padukone might have gotten her RK tattoo removed considering the actress can be seen insinuating audience to look at her no-tattoo neck in the latest cola advertisement. However, now it has been learnt by our sources that the actress might get her RK tattoo altered into an RS one. No points for guessing that RS stands for Ranveer Singh, her latest alleged love flame. Looks like in the cola advertisement, the actress might have camouflaged her tattoo with a good concealer to get the feel of no-tattoo neck only to get it altered later.

Recently, the actress was also spotted wearing a gold love necklace which was rumoured to have been gifted to her by Ranveer Singh. Speculations are rife that this duo is moving ahead pretty fast in their relationship. Deepika is someone who has never kept her love life under the wraps. When the actress was in relationship with Ranbir Kapoor, she went all out there giving interviews, speaking aloud of her feelings and even got Ranbir Kapoor’s initials inked at the nape of her neck. However, when the couple got separated, instead of getting the tattoo removed, Deepika chose to live with it even as she continued being friends with Ranbir Kapoor. But now, having found love again, buzz has it that Deepika is contemplating getting the tattoo altered into an RS.

It has been learnt that tattoo alteration process is one that entails a lot of pain and cost both- Double whammy for the actress!

The latest cola advertisement has Deepika in a rather brash mood where she tells the audience to stop staring at her neck and start looking at the neck of the cola bottle.

So far, post break up with Ranbir, Deepika has dealt very strongly about people prying at her neck to check out her tattoo.

But things might go for a change after her alleged relationship with Ranveer Singh sources confirm.

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