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Kangana Ranaut refuses Rs. 3 crore offer to dance at wedding

Kangana is one star with lots of morals. This Bollywood diva whose latest film Queen proved out to be one of the most successful films of her career, has apparently turned down an offer worth Rs. 3 Crore to dance at a wedding. While it is almost a routine call for Bollywood stars to get such offers which in fact form a decent part of their income, it is however surprising for a star to refuse such an offer. Post Queen’s surprising success, the star’s popularity is on the rise. Considering which she has been getting a lot of such offers lately.

From what the reports suggest, Kangana Ranaut was recently offered an offer of Rs. 3 crore to shake a leg at a wedding in Switzerland. But the woman of morals that Kangana is, she immediately refused to take the offer. Incidentally, Kangana does not like to perform at weddings which is why she refused such a lucrative offer. Confirming the news, Kangana’s sister Rangoli said, “Yes, this is right. She didn’t agree to do this wedding performance, even though they offered her good money. She does not want to do them as they take her attention away from her film work. Right now, she just wants to focus on her professional commitments.”

One also hears that Kangana recently took a course in Screenplay from New York Film Academy following which this dynamic actress is likely to pen a script.

Kangana Ranaut has had it tough in Bollywood. But it seems Kangana has found her voice and is only set to make way for herself.

This Himachali beauty is a confident being who knows what she is doing. With the way things are going in Kangana’s life, one can only expect best of things. While Kangana refused the offer despite of the humongous amount offered, there have been many A-list stars in Bollywood who have gone out there and performed for the weddings.

At one point, Shah Rukh used to charge 2 to 2.5 crore for a performance at the weddings however, gone are those days. Now he charges 8 crore to shake a leg at the weddings.

Priyanka Chopra has performed at several weddings over the years and started at 1.5 crore. She recently gave a 7 minute performance on New Year’s eve in Chennai for a sum of 6 crore.

Malaika Arora Khan used to shake her booty at weddings for as less as 60 to 70 crore. However, her charges for performing at weddings has also shot up.

Katrina Kaif started performing at weddings for a sum of 1.5 crores which has gone up several notches. She now charges depending upon the scale of wedding.

Salman Khan only shakes a leg at selected weddings. He started dancing for weddings for ameagre amount of 2.5 crores. But his rates have shot up over the years.

Akshay Kumar continues to charm his audience be it through his films or dancing at weddings. He started his dancing stint at wedding for an amount of 1.5 crore and eventually increased his rate.

Kareena Kapoor is someone who has a huge fan following. Though Bebo has danced at a number of weddings in the past for a sum of 2 crore, post wedding with Saif, she has shunned the idea of earning easy money out of dancing at weddings.

Hrithik has performed at a few weddings in the past however, of late he has been refusing such offers. In the past, his fees for performing at weddings used to be 2.5 crore.

While Bipasha started performing at weddings at the rate of meagre 40 crore at one time, her charges have not gone much higher than that given her average career in Bollywood.


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