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Kat will be in Cannes in 2015 ?

Katrina Kaif will not be flying to Cannes this year, though she is the latest Bollywood heroine after Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor to endorse the brand that is the main sponsor of the international film festival being held there in mid-May.

While Aishwarya has been a regular for the last decade or so, Sonam had to miss her first trip there, despite having her gowns and airline tickets ready, because of a last-minute glitch (we know what the glitch was, but why dig up old stories?). Coming back to the topic, of why Kat has decided not to go to France this year, the official version is that the formalities will take a year (Kat will be in Cannes in 2015).

We overheard media giggles on how ARB and Sonam will bask in the limelight.


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