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Madhuri Dixit Nene’s controversial life

Madhuri Dixit is one of the most loved actresses of Bollywood, but she has had her set of controversies too. Even after a sabbatical, the actress was welcomed in the industry with open arms. However not everything has been that perfect in her life. From a controversial relationship to a much debated professional life, Madhuri’s stint in Bollywood is nothing short of a filmy drama. We bring to you a compilation of the most hotly discussed controversies of the actress

Love affairs
Madhuri Dixit ruled hearts in the 90s. She formed a huge fan following then, with several admirers in Bollywood too. Madhuri Dixit romanced Sanjay Dutt in several hit films like Khalnayak and Saajan, which gave impetus to their offscreen love life. It was reported that Madhuri’s father was not happy with the relationship with Sanjay already being married to Richa Sharma. However they never ended up as man and woman as Sanjay was arrested by TADA. Apart from Sanjay, Madhuri was also linked to Anil Kapoor then, as the duo churned out hit films like Tezaab, Ram Lakhan and Beta among others.

Kissing tale
While Madhuri was still trying to make a mark in the industry, Madhuri made a bold move. She romanced an actor 20 years elder to her, Vinod Khanna in Dayavan. Madhuri not only romanced Vinod Khanna, but went ahead and shot for an intimate kissing scene. A bare chest Vinod Khanna was shot making passionate love to Madhuri. Madhuri and Vinod Khanna’s kiss created a controversial stir. Later when the actress was on top of her game, Madhuri was reported saying that she should have said a ‘no’ to do the scene.

Bollywood rivals
Being at the top comes at a cost and Madhuri paid the cost of making rivals in Bollywood. While Sridevi had already been a reigning queen during the 80s, Madhuri made an impressive mark on filmmakers with her film Tezaab. Soon the two were said to be competing with their films. It was an allegedly unspoken rivalry as the two tried to outdo each other with every film they did. With age not on her side, Sridevi faded from the Bollywood scenario, while the dhak-dhak girl went to on give impressive hits at the box office. Madhuri and Juhi Chawla were also rivals at the time when they ruled the box office. However recently the two amicably worked together in Gublaab Gang.

Acting pricey
A couple of years back, Madhuri Dixit faced the ire of the Maharashtra government. Being a Maharashtrian, the famed actress was approached to be the brand ambassador of Maharashtra tourism. Reportedly the actress had turned down the offer. According to a Times of India report, Madhuri had quoted a whopping 9-10 crore sum to be the face for the state. With the reports doing round, she was criticised for the steep price tag. Madhuri was compared to her contemporaries like Aamir Khan who is the face of Incredible India and Shah Rukh Khan who campaigned for West Bengal.

Fallout with manager
A good manager can make things easier in Bollywood and Madhuri Dixit had just the right man for the job. The actress had shared a long run of 28 years with Rakesh Nath a.k.a Rikku. But last year, when Mads was preparing for a second time launch in Bollywood, she decided to do away with the manager. According to a Mumbai Mirror report it was Madhuri’s husband, Dr Nene’s decision to switch to a more younger, fresher team. And finally one day Rikku allegedly got a call from Madhuri saying, ‘Ab mera kaam doctor saab dekhenge,’ she said and hung up. However the actress tried to reconcile with her man Friday as she invited him for a special screening of her film this year.


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