Movie Review: Citylights (2014)

Box Office: Flop

CITYLIGHTS narrates the story of a family comprising of Deepak [Rajkummar Rao], his wife Rakhi [Patralekhaa] and their daughter Mahi, residing in a village in Rajasthan. All’s well for the family till the debtors come knocking and take charge of Deepak’s shop due to his inability to pay off the loan. Armed with a mobile number of a friend, the crestfallen family leaves for Mumbai, the city of dreams, hoping to make a living there.

Once in Mumbai, they not only fail to trace their friend, but also get conned by a property agent. While in police station to file a complaint, Rakhi meets a bar dancer, who subsequently helps them find a roof over their head, besides getting a job for Rakhi in the bar. Meanwhile, Deepak too gets a job in a security bureau, an agency that undertakes the transportation of cash and expensive commodities in specialized armored cases.

During one such delivery, Deepak’s collaborator [Manav Kaul] divulges a master plan that could make them rich overnight. Does Deepak succumb to the temptation?


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
4.0 “Citylights is a must watch.”
4.0 “A film you will hate to love.”
Daily Bhaskar
4.0 “This film soaks you in, and refuses to leave you much after you have left the theater. Recommended must watch! “
4.0 “Given its premise, some might say it’s old wine in a new bottle. But this bottle’s certainly a keeper.”
3.5 “CITYLIGHTS is one of the most captivating movie experiences of late.”
Bollywood Hungama
3.5 “Citylights is fashioned as an old wine in a new bottle as director Hansal Mehta seamlessly beaded together a heart wrenching story with a crime drama. “
3.5 “Tale To Make You Stressed Yet Impressed.”
One India
3.0 “Citylights deserves a watch. It wouldn’t appeal the masses but surely needs attention.”
India Tv News
3.0 “That poverty is powerlessness and helplessness is brought out well. “
Average Reviews
2.5 “CityLights is truth in your face.”
2.5 “Lacks in authenticity and sentimentality”
Negative Reviews


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