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Perverts morph my face over half naked bodies and circulate it: Preity Zinta

Actress Preity Zinta, who is also the co-owner of IPL team Kings XI Punjab, was on a Twitter spree on Tuesday. She spoke about her journey in B-Town, her struggle and her love life.

Penning her thoughts on Twitter, she wrote how she ventured into Bollywood. She wrote that she wanted to do movies for becoming ‘financially independent’ and treated acting like any other job. She said, “When I got into movies I never thought I would be a big star. Just wanted 2 get it right & be financially independent. It was a job after all.”

She also spoke about how her life changed after she became an actress. She tweeted, “As I became famous I was required to forget who I am & become the image I portray. People changed around me even though I tried hard 2 be me. Everyday I try to fight my PERFECT IMAGE & cling to the real me. Expectations grow & I’m not allowed 2 age, be sad, crib or have a bad day !”

She also spoke about men who want to date her but are egoistic as they cannot handle someone who is more famous than them. She also revealed about the perverts, who have tried to morph her photos and circulated it. She tweeted, “Perverts morph my face over half naked bodies & circulate it on da net & defame me & my modesty yet I MUST not complain cuz i m a celebrity.”


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