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Shraddha is more like a boyfriend, a guy buddy: Mohit Suri

You seem to be one of the busiest directors in town…
(Laughs) Yes, I read about all these films I’m supposed to be helming in the papers too.

There’s one with Saif Ali Khan…
I had approached Saif a long time ago with a dark romantic role. He liked the script. It finally fell into place post Aashiqui 2.

Reports claim that Saif wants to make the film himself after a fallout with producer Ramesh Taurani over his pay cheque. But Taurani isn’t letting go of the project?
(Laughs) It’s great when people fight over your script. I think Saif and Rameshji are sorting things out. Money was never the issue. The film is in a new space, its edginess is what attracted Saif. But there’s still a year to go before we flag it off. The heroine is yet to be finalised.

Buzz is, you’re directing a film for Dharma Productions too?
Karan approached me with an idea for a young love story which my writer and I have been developing with him.

Will it star Sidharth?
It’s too early to even discuss the casting. Only after the release of Ek Villian on June 27 can I start thinking of another film. (Laughs) I can’t two-time.

You have cast Sidharth Malhotra and Riteish Deshmukh in roles not in sync with their popular images in Ek Villain. Why?
I don’t judge an actor by the character he plays. Sidharth has struggled his way up, seen dark days. There was an angst in him that made him a perfect fit for this film. (Smiles) I break stereotypes. And when you see the film you will realise that there is no one better than Riteish for the role he plays, despite his recent image as a comic actor.

The casting that didn’t come as a surprise was Shraddha Kapoor, who is said to be your latest muse. My muse?Now where did that come from?
Shraddha is more like a boyfriend, a guy buddy I can call in the middle of the night. In fact, Adi (Aditya Roy Kapur) and Shraddha are my two best friends. Since we met at a sensitive point in our lives I can discuss anything with them. And so can Udita (his wife Udita Goswami).

What about the rumour that an upset Udita had installed cameras in your office to catch you and Shraddha?
You can visit my office and see for yourself that there are no cameras there. This rumour started just before Udita and I were flying out to Bangkok to bring in our first wedding anniversary. We laughed about it. I think they got the director wrong, I was mistaken for someone else. Udita and I are happy together. We’re planning a family, thinking of buying a new house. In fact, since Ek Villain is my first film with an outside banner, there were times when I was lonely and Udita was my support. She’s been with me on every outdoor shoot, it’s been one long honeymoon.

There’s a lot of suspense around who’s the villain of Ek Villian—Riteish, Siddharth, KRK or Shraddha…worried about spoilers?
No, I am not. There are no heroes in my story, only villains.

There’s talk about how you’ve drawn references from Hollywood thrillers, even Korean slasher flicks?
A killer doesn’t have to be French, English or Korean. He can be an Indian guy living next door. I don’t have to import him from another culture or country.

Ankur Tiwari’s arrest for rape on the day Ek Villain’s song, Galiyaan released was great publicity.
I was more interested in getting my master tape than publicity. It’s a difficult time for Ankit. Aashiqui 2 made him famous and that’s why everyone’s talking about him.

There was a lot of speculation about Vidya Balan dropping out of Hamari Adhuri Kahaani. Did you contemplate replacing her after Ghanchakkar?
I’ve only worked with newcomers or those not doing well, so the box-office doesn’t bother me. Hamari Adhuri Kahaani is one of those films that start with a story, then you decide the cast and customise the story around them. I can’t see any other actors in it. It’s a classic love story set in another era.

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