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The real equation between Gauri Khan, Sussanne Roshan & Mehr Rampal

A lot has been written about Gauri Khan’s gang of girl friends and their shifting power equations in the last three- four years but no one has really gotten down to the details of these relationships. Here’s a bit-by-bit unraveling of the real stories behind the First Wives Club of Bollywood.

Gauri Khan’s fallout with Mehr Rampal was actually owing to Arjun Rampal’s fallout with Srk. Once close friends and always spotted together during parties at SRK’s home, Arjun and SRK are on barely courteous terms now. The reason is SRK’s open confrontation with Arjun about two years ago regarding Priyanka Chopra. He felt Arjun was spreading rumours, and also indirectly hinted at Mehr’s involvement in this. Ever since the wives don’t hang out together a lot.

Currently, Mehr Rampal is going through a gloomy phase where she keeps herself immersed in work. A major reason seems to be her marriage to Arjun, who is increasingly being spotted in the company of Sussanne Roshan.

Add to that, Mehr, an individualistic person, is somewhat isolated from her old party-hearty buddies presently. This weekend, she was spotted having dinner with Arjun and their two daughters, Myra and Mahikaa at Hakka San in Bandra, Mumbai and was clearly, in a pensive mood.

Gauri’s closest friends are Maheep Kapoor & Bhavna Pandey. It’s not just the ladies who bond, but so do their kids. Often their children come over to play and hang out at Srk’s home – Mannat. Bhavna and Maheep are popular with all the Bollywood wives, and are known for their happy-go-lucky, friendly nature.

Suzanne Roshan & Gauri Khan might have turned business partners to launch plush stores and properties, but in real life, they are professional colleagues rather than fast friends. Gauri does not hesitate from the occasional catty remarks against anyone, within insider circles (if you get the hint).

In fact, much before rumours of Pee Cee and Srk began to swirl, Gauri once made a couple of unkind remarks about the actress for repeating a dress! Gauri shops till she drops. Mehr & Sussanne don’t.

Hrithik & Shah Rukh began to think of collaborating on a few films (yet to fructify) after Sussanne and Gauri turned close friends. Yet those great days of bonding seem to be over now.

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