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When Ranveer Singh played cupid for Virat-Anushka

Virat Kohli and Anuska Sharma have been a doting couple for some time now. While most believe that Anushka and Virat met while shooting a commercial together, there is more than what meets the eye here. According to reports, Anushka was introduced to Virat through Ranveer Singh. At that time Anushka and Ranveer were reportedly seeing each other, when the trio met at a social event. After Ranveer and Anushka separated paths from the alleged relationship, love blossomed between Virat and Anushka.

What came later is for all to know. Virat and Anushka were seen spending more and more time in each other’s company. There were talks that Anushka sent her car to pick up Virat directly from the airport to her place. Their careers landed Anushka and Virat in different parts of the world. However the couple made efforts to keep meeting up in between. There have been times when Virat flew down to Jodhpur where Anushka was shooting for NH10, while Anushka visited him when he was in New Zealand for a tournament.

Virat had once visited the sets of Anushka’s movie Bombay Velvet. The actress was shooting in Sri Lanka with Ranbir Kapoor and Anurag Kashyap. Reports suggested that Anushka became nervous in the presence of Virat. Anushka is an ace actress, however she reportedly went all jumpy while shooting a scene. Further to reports, the specific sequence took 20 retakes from the actress to perfect it.

Virat and Anushka have always been in denial mode about their relationship. When Anushka visited the controversial couch of Koffee with Karan, she let go of a couple of slip ups. When Karan Johar started talking about the cute couple they make, Anushka started making every efforts to avoid answering it. However Karan is not the one to let it go so easily, he made statements like ‘the stump is in Anushka’s court’ and ‘playing for the country’. At one point Karan even referred to Virat as her boyfriend and Anushka only smiled in response. It seemed like Anushka was accepting all that Karan was alleging.

While Anushka’s leg was pulled by Karan Johar, a similar thing happened with Virat Kohli too. Shah Rukh Khan was hosting the opening night of the cricketing tournament, the Indian Premier League this year. The actor called Virat on the stage and set up a swayamvar for the cricketer. Virat was asked to choose a bride from different envelopes and Virat ended up with Anushka Sharma’s picture. It seemed like SRK was trying to expose something. However a shy but sportive Virat Kohli held the placard of Anushka’s photograph around his neck and revealed that he kept a picture of Anushka Sharma in his wallet.

Anushka and Virat have already been in the limelight because of their alleged affair. However more fodder was added to their love story with a kissing image. A picture of Virat and Anushka caught in a passionate lip lock went viral on the internet. The image was reportedly a fake picture, of some other couple. The two professionals stayed unperturbed amidst the controversy. In the past there have been reports which stated of a real lip lock between the two. This alleged incident took place when Virat was leaving from Anushka’s residence.

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