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Few similarities of Salman Khan’s Kick with regards to Hollywood films

Salman Khan’s upcoming project Kick is a much talked about film right now. The actor will be seen on the silver screen, on his lucky date Eid, this year. The trailer of Kick was released with a lot of momentum amidst fans, who had been waiting for the trailer since a long time. So much was the craze that the trailer crossed 21.5 million views on Youtube within 24 hours of it being released. However going by the ‘kicking’ trailer, there are a few similarities that can be seen with regards to Hollywood films. A lot of Hollywood action instances seem to have been replicated in Kick. We bring to you a few examples.

Building jump like Mission Impossible 4– Salman Khan’s jump in Kick was a much publicised event. The actor went to Poland to shoot the climax and performed a daring stunt there. The actor reportedly plunged from the 40th floor of a building in Poland and the sequence is also included in the trailer. A similar daring stunt was performed by Tom Cruise in the fourth installment of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Tom Cruise jumped from the world’s tallest building, Burj Kahlifa in Dubai. And Salman Khan’s stunt in Kick seems to give him similar publicity that Tom Cruise garnered with his deadly stunt.

Bus scene like Speed– A specific sequence in the trailer of Kick shows that Salman Khan is driving a bus, probably getting it to safety. On the way he even blows off a couple of cars. However a similar thing was noticed in the Hollywood movie Speed wherein the lead hero is trying to save a bus full of passengers whose lives are at risk. Salman seems to have taken a few leads from Keanu Reeves of Speed, to drive the bus convincingly. Also the blowing of cars gives a feel of Rohit Shetty style being adopted by the director Sajid Nadiadwala.

Off the bridge scene like Fantastic Four-The much hyped trailer of Kick starts off with the sequence of a bus falling off a bridge into the sea. This seems to be an important sequence in the movie. However when you look at it, the bus falling off looks strikingly similar to a vital sequence from Hollywood movie Fantastic Four. In Fantastic Four, a fire brigade bus is seen falling off and is shot in a gripping manner, while the trailer of Kick also tries to give a similar feel with the bus falling off. Fantastic Four had the lead actor coming in to avert the tragedy. Now it will be exciting to watch Salman copy them in his film.

Laugh like Joker-The character of Joker in The Dark Night became a hit with audiences. The repelling look and the villainous laugh were his signature styles. But now we have our very own Bollywood’s Joker. Nawazuddin Siddique plays the negative lead in Kick. And in the trailer, Nawaz has a punching dialogue which ends with a laugh which is meant to be threatening. However more than a negative effect, the blink and miss laugh reminds one of Joker’s intimidating laugh.

Train and Helicopter sequence like The Expendables 2-It is not just the makers of Kick who thought of making a bike and helicopter sequence with the bike crashing into the helicopter. In the past, Sylvester Stallone did a stunning act of throwing off a bike in motion towards a helicopter. While he had aimed the bike at the helicopter and jumped off it in The Expendables 2, a similar this is replicated in Kick. Salman Khan who is seen riding a cycle in most part of the trailer jumps from a building in a bike and crashes right into a helicopter. Now that seems more than just an inspiration.

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